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Content Is Still King – Great Marketing Trough Continuity and Consistency – Cal Coaster January 2007

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Welcome to our newly redesigned Cal Coaster Newsletter. As we dive
into 2007, we decided to revamp our monthly newsletter in order
to bring you more of the latest SEO news, tips and tricks. Each
issue will feature the most important topics facing the SEO marketing
world each month and we encourage you to think about how these issues
affect your company and your SEO plan.

In this month’s issue, we will be focusing on the importance
of FRESH, RELEVANT CONTENT, as well as using your Web site to
capture specialized audiences. We hope you find these tips and
tricks helpful and look forward to hearing your feedback on our
new newsletter design. Contact Cal Coast today at
or 888-281-7665 to speak to one of our SEO professionals about
how the latest industry news impacts your SEO marketing program.

Content is STILL King

2007 has brought no change in the hierarchy of SEO marketing.
Content is still the most important part of any SEO marketing
plan; without it, your Web site would never obtain the improved
rankings you expect. But all content is not equal and as search
engines become more sophisticated, so must your SEO program and
Web site content.

Search engines look for not only FRESH content, but also RELEVANT
content on each Web page. This means that each piece of content
you add to your Web site should provide useful information for
your visitors. Search engines like natural keywords and will rank
your site more highly if the content contains relevant keywords
and updated information.

Tip of the Month

Cal Coast can build an SEO marketing plan that not only helps
attract more visitors to your site, but helps turn those visitors
into customers by developing fresh and relevant content for your
Web pages. Whether you’re hoping to increase your home sales
to newlyweds or improve your contact rate with teachers or any
other particular group, these marketing tips can help improve
your current marketing strategy.

1. Visibility is more important than ability! The more people
that know about your business or service, the more business you
can expect to receive. This is why SEO marketing is so important.
By increasing your rankings, you can expect more visitors to your
Web site. But visibility can also be in the form of other marketing
materials as well as at trade shows, home shows, expos or other
community events that your potential customers attend.

2. Great marketing is EMOTIONAL not LOGICAL. If you’re
targeting a particular group of people, think about what they
want and need to see on your Web site. If you want to market to
a targeted group, add a special message on your home page that
the group will encourage a response. For instance, if you’re
a realtor targeting the soon-to-be-newlywed market, your home
page tag may be “Let me help take the stress out of wedding
planning. Find out how?”

3. Specialize in your passion! Make sure you understand and explain
how your company or service can have a positive impact on the
particular group you are targeting.

4. Market with continuity and consistency. No matter who you
are marketing to or what promotion you are offering, there should
be consistency throughout your Web site and marketing pieces.
This means that your logo, company colors and slogan should remain
the same from one marketing attempt to another. Although you may
change your message for different markets and mediums, your company
name and purpose should be easily recognizable throughout your
marketing pieces. And remember, it is ideal to have at least eight
exposures in 60 days in order to build your company’s recognition,
so be sure to keep on top of your SEO marketing, email blasts
and printed pieces.

Keep Your Content Fresh with Cal Coast’s Blogging Services

One way to ensure that you have updated information about your
service or company is to adopt a monthly blogging service. Blogs
are becoming increasingly popular and are an ideal way to promote
your business and lead more visitors to your Web site. Cal Coast
creates and manages monthly blogs for many of our clients and
can develop a specialized program for you as well.

Our Blogging services include account set-up with
(or another blog site of your choice) as well as the development
of comprehensive blogs for EACH of your three keyword phrases.
Our marketing experts are public relations and SEO professionals
and use your blog to promote your company and provide visitors
with tips, tricks and information relevant to your services.

Contact Cal Coast today at
or 888-281-7665 to begin your blogging program.

From Our Clients

Cal Coast Web Design has been customizing and optimizing my Advanced
Access Website for several years now, and I am constantly pleased
with their creativity and service. From design, to search engine
optimization, to consulting, Cal Coast has helped my site continually
evolve and maintain high numbers and standards, and most importantly
– drive more traffic and better serve my clients and potential

Shell Pavlis

Foothill Ranch
Real Estate


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