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Website Advertising – Do You Do It?

Most website owners are well aware of Search Engine Optimization and it’s importance in today’s Internet business world. They also know that much of their online success will be made or broken by how well their website performs within the search engines. Though through good SEO your website might someday be awarded the number one slot in Google and Yahoo and yes that will ultimately drive visitors to your site but there is more you can do to greatly increase the amount of visitors your site receives.

Even if your website offers great services at friendly prices and is very comprehensive and easy to use, many of the visitors you get through search engines aren’t going to stick around very long, especially when you’re not appearing in the top spots. Though this happens to anyone with a website, I’ve seen this happen with many a real estate agent, more than any others throughout my years working with the Internet. So aside from providing an easy to use, attractive website with great content and having a great SEM team like Cal Coast Web Design on your side what can you do to drive more people to your site? Read on!

It would seem like everyone does it though not everyone does. Advertising your URL and services in your own local area will actually drive more traffic to your website than the majority of search engines will. In addition to that the locals that come to your website are likely to stick around, contact you, and maybe even purchase something from you because your the local guy…or girl that’s providing services or products related to their area. In some cases these people will also feel comfortable with you and your website for the simple fact that you either reside or do business in their local area. Trust is a big factor when people go shopping online, what better way to gain their trust than to let them know you are out there and are a friendly neighbor.

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen something on a car advertising a local business (especially real estate) complete with a URL for me to visit. In most cases these URL’s are catchy and easy to remember and I’ve actually visited some of these sites and become one of their customers. I play guitar in my spare time and as it turns out the gentlemen who owns the local music store advertises with decals on his truck and has a local cable commercial that airs all the time. Even his television commercial makes mention of his website. My point? Get your URL out to your local public. Advertise in newspapers, billboards, flyers, bus stops, car magnets…anything! As a matter of fact my wife and I advertise Cal Coast Web Design on the back of our car as we regularly drive through the mean streets of Southern California. We do it, you can and should do it too!

SEO and good services/products are only one part of website success. Through SEO you advertise to search engines but don’t forget the real people out in the world. They need to know too!

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