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We Love Hootsuite! Save time, Schedule tweets, Add Media…Multiple Birds, 1 stone.

Don’t have time to update your Twitter & Facebook everyday, but still want to offer valuable content in your social media stream?

Like the value that images & video add to your social media campaign, but are tired of using 3rd party applications for generating links to your video & images?

Save the time. Share the value.

Hootsuite is a Social Media dashboard for company teams to manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social profiles for multiple users and accounts.

HootSuite offers tracking, security, reporting, mobile options, team membership and other AMAZING features.

Get Started now by visiting Hootsuite and clicking “Sign Up Now” and follow the on screen directions.

Add your accounts like Twitter & Facebook so you can easily update at once.

Once you are set up, simply use the “Compose message” section to enter your social media call to action and see your character count.

Be sure to choose which accounts you want to post your message to.

Then, just use the integrated tools  in the attachment section for adding video, images, documents and more.

AND, if you like, choose the “Schedule” or “calendar icon” to schedule your tweet or Facebook post to post at a later time. That’s right! Schedule your daily tweets ahead of time!

Share your account with additional users and even schedule tasks for team members.

Get started quickly and easily RIGHT NOW with the tutorial videos below…