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Video Testimonials Now Available to Use on Websites, Blogs & Online Profiles – See What Orange County Networking Groups Are Sharing!

Thanks to all of our past & current clients, contractors, networking groups and friends who came to make a difference in the Orange County networking community.

With a line out the door most of the day, many of you will reap the benefits of elevating your sales with the influence of video testimonials!

I bet you’re anxious to see just what people are saying about your business.

Please click on your primary Orange County networking group below to visit the designated YouTube page for that group. If you are not in one of the networking groups, your videos should be listed on the Cal Coast Web Design page or your very own YouTube account to which you should have your passwords.

If you are uncertain where your video is located, please comment on this blog or contact us at 949-229-5932 for more help.

If you dont see a video for your business, don’t worry. Cal Coast will be hosting a video open house once a quarter. We encourage you to shoot a video for someone as soon as possible. The best way to get one for yourself is to first reach out to others. Go get yourself some good video karma 😉

Now, just what exactly do you do with these videos????? – SHARE THEM!!!!

  • Embed (add) them in your website
  • Embed them in your blog
  • Embed (by linking) them on your Facebook
  • Link to them to share on Twitter, LinkedIn and all your other social network profiles
  • Embed them in your email marketing campaigns

    Anywhere you touch a buyer to try and make a conversion, a video testimonial can impact this decision.

So just HOW do you do this embed adding thingy? – Click here for our blog instructions on How To Set Up a YouTube Account and Embed Video Into Blogs, Sites & Profiles.

Would you like the original video files for your records? If you don’t want to utilize the video embed option from YouTube, you may request your video files from Cal Coast by simply emailing with “Please send me my videos.” Be sure to list your full name, networking group (if applicable) and phone number in case we have questions. They will be sent to the email your request came from.

We encourage you to post your feedback by leaving a comment below. Cal Coast hopes to improve your experience with each visit and encourage more of you to support one another in your growing businesses.

If you would like to shoot a custom video for your own site (or other online presence), please don’t hesitate to email us at or contact us at 949-229-5932 for more information on how and our partner, Miller Farm Media, we can help you with Orange County video testimonials.

Our next Video Testimonial Open House will be on Friday, December 11, 2009.

Open House Hours: 1 – 4pm
***Appointments available from 9am-5pm. Please leave a comment below or contact us at 949-229-5932 x1 or