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The New Do-It-Yourself SEO Package

Good morning everyone! As the week is winding down one might not expect to hear any big news. Well today is an exception to that rule. Cal Coast Web Design is proud to announce the “Do-It-Yourself SEO Package”. This new service is geared towards those who simply want to take care of their website’s search engine optimization themselves but who also are also looking for a great way to have their site’s performance measured and gauged by professionals.

For $150 a month you can subscribe to the Do-It-Yourself SEO Package and you’ll receive a report that shows your web positions in major search engines. Essentially, you are doing the work yourself and asking Cal Coast to keep watch over it’s performance! In addition you will also receive instructions via email every month on how to do Do-It-Yourself search engine optimization. An example of this might be “How To Set Up A Blog”, or “How To Choose Smart Keywords”, things that many eager do-it-yourselfer’s don’t yet know how to do.

We are very excited about this new service and those interested in learning more should contact Cal Coast by clicking here or calling 949-229-5932 x2! Have a great day everyone!