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Starting a Facebook Marketing Campaign: Week 1 Checklist by Facebook Marketing Bootcamp

Facebook Marketing Bootcamp

Social Media is such an important part of online marketing! Its where your customers ARE! Facebook Marketing is offering a free three week seminar to introduce you to the benefits of how to Facebook Marketing can help out your business. Sign up for the remaining bootcamp series or click here to watch previous webinars.

Facebook webinar’s will introduce you to the ideas of how to connect your business to people using Pages, and how to build essential connections for your business. Also Facebook will help you to reach friends of fans with Facebook Ads, and Leverage Facebook’s scale and targeting. Lastly Facebook will teach you how to help your business thrive through Facebook and the Social Media scene is how to make your campaigns work harder, and how to build social technology into your business.

Week 1 Checklist

This checklist is a quick guide that will help you get started on the basics of Facebook Marketing from week one.

If your looking to integrate your business with Facebook marketing visit Cal Coast Web Design. We offer various packages for social media endeavors.