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SES 2007 – Video Search Engine Optimization

Day 2
Video Search Optimization – the panel answered questions on how to get your videos out to the cyberworld. There was standing room only in this session – video’s all the craze right now!

4 Speakers:

Eric Papczun, Performics
Sherwood Stranieri, Catalyst online
Gregory Markel, Infuse creative
Stephen Baker, Everyzing

Who dominates with video search? Utube is first, then Myspace, Google video, and Yahoo. How can you optimize your video? Try HTML content around your video, keywords in the title and description, provide RSS, anchor text and tags, place it one directory relevantly named right after the root. (aka… if I had time to record one)

Why should you optimize video?

QUICK TIP: Further optimize your video by breaking it into segments and tagging each segment.

Also, make your video embeddable, and imprint your brand on it.

Do you have to submit your video for it to be found in searches? Unfortunately, yes. Currently video’s aren’t really “spidered”, you need to submit them. Of course, submit to the dominating players. And then make sure you have a good excel spreadsheet or database to track the rest. It’s a tedious process. One company who is trying to make it easier on you is TubeMogul – they remind me of a (one of my dirty real estate secrets) but with video. You can submit your video to TubeMogul (its currently FREE, you just need to login) and they will in turn submit to 8 video sites. That’s as automated as it gets.

Another tip: submit your TV commercials, its free! I totally think our Realtors need to do this. I am going to. Here’s a list to start with 🙂

Its important to be strategic about your video and its distribution. If you only have one video, it may not be best for your “link equity” to scatter it all over the place. It may be better to host the video on your website and encourage links to it through various blogs and social networking arenas. (sweet, I’ll take this lazy way!) On the other hand, if your main point is for people to watch the video, and you could care less about them linking to it, then you are probably best submitting it everywhere.

A question was asked about video lessons and informational video. Isn’t everyone out there just looking to be entertained? The answer is NO, 72% of video searchers are looking for information to listen, watch, and learn. People LIKE how-to videos, and so does Digg and If Digg or Delicious communities like your video, its gonna be wildly successful.

There was also a question about voting for videos (as you know voting can help move you to the top) and IP identification…does it count less if there are multiple votes from the same IP? (aka you made everyone in your office vote) The panel didn’t know…but thought it could be possible.