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SES 2007 – Fun With Dynamic Websites

Day 2
Track 3: Fun With Dynamic Websites

Panel Members:
Laura Thieme of Bizresearch
Mikkel deMib Svendsen of
Jake Baillie of STN Labs

I was running a few minutes late today since we were stuck getting cool “schwag” from the Search Engine Strategies Expo. We were getting insight from other businesses serving as vendors who were once local like Cal Coast. Thanks! Quick shout out to Sage Rock. We also entered every chance in the world to win an iPod, Wii, or other geeky tool.

Anyway, lets just jump into it, cuz I did!

Even if your site is dynamic, use static pages for your top selling pages or even category pages too!

What makes you the most money?
Improve its optimization and improve your ROI.

How do I promote my dynamic site?
– As always, begin research!
– Look at URL structure.
– How well is the content indexed?
– How are the current rankings?
– Look for the site both with and without the “www’s.”
– Ensure your dynamic pages (like images, video and all technologies we utilize that cant be read by search engines) have optimized titles tags, headers, navigation text, content, meta data, urls, anchor text, links and all that ja-aaaaaaaazz!!!!

Why is this not enough?
Because of UNIVERSAL SEARCH! News, video and images are infiltrating our searches by popular demand! It still needs to appeal to the user.

Quick Tip #1: The URL is ALL POWERFUL! There is absolutely no requirement that a URL be a physical file!

Quick Tip #2: Use 800 #s to track lead generation! You can assign different numbers to be displayed for each search result rendered form different search engines or keyword phrases. Track your conversions!

Quick Tip #3: Mine failed search results in your sites search box . What are users requesting that you can’t provide. Do you want to provide it now. Does it require something as simple as integrating misspellings?

Quick Tip #4: We all know people can be evil dirty thieves. If your competitors are image hot linking, content lifting or price monitoring; simply find out your competitors IP and show them a different price. Or, if they are lifting content through a link, simply modify the content of that image to inform all their visitors that they are a dirty little thief. Perhaps a bright rainbow eye catching blinking animated gif that simply says. “I’m a dirty little thief and I stole this image form” So much fun!

Still have remaining questions? Want more?

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Wow. That one was tiring. Oh dynamic sites, how I long for more!

Posted By: Angela Collins
Cal Coast Web Design