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PPC News & Networking Groups – Cal Coaster May 2007

Cal Coast News

Cal Coast Web Design is proud to be featured in this month’s
Advanced Access Cool Tool Review, which is distributed to over 30,000
Advanced Access clients. As a pioneer of the most cutting-edge SEO
marketing tools, Cal Coast was highlighted for its work with Yahoo!
. As we discussed last month, Yahoo! Answers is an ideal
source for great information about your industry as well as a great
place to display your expertise and create links to your Web site.

The Advanced Access article discussed how Cal Coast is using
Yahoo! Answers to build our clients’ credibility and drive
traffic to their Web sites. Cal Coast Virtual Manager Jenn Jarvis
is an expert with Yahoo! Answers and has been working with many
of our clients to help them get great inbound links to their sites
as well as expertly answer questions from potential clients. If
you have any questions about Yahoo! Answers or how Cal Coast can
help you develop a Yahoo! Answers program, contact us today at

SEO News

A recent ruling in Utah is shaking up the world of SEO marketing.
The Trademark Protection Act, which took effect earlier this month,
allows companies to register their trademarked name and seek damages
from advertisers and search engines that use the trademarked name
to trigger competitive advertisements. Under this new law, businesses
that pay for advertisements that are triggered by a competitive
keyword search and search engines that purposely allow this practice
can be sued for damages.

For instance, users who search for “Borders Bookstore”
on Google will see a banner ad for Barnes & Noble on the search
results page. With the inception of this new law, Borders would
be able to seek damages from both Barnes & Noble and Google
if the search originated in Utah. While you may not do business
in Utah, this ruling may still greatly affect you and your business,
as competitive keyword search advertising is currently under federal
review to asses its legality.

To learn more about the Trademark
Protection Act
or how it may affect your business, please
feel free to read the following article:

Tip of the Month

According to experts, networking is one of the most effective
ways to earn new business and build your customer base. A great
way to network is to join a local networking group in your area.
National networking clubs like LeTip
have thousands of local chapters to accommodate people in almost
every part of the nation. LeTip chapters hold weekly meetings
that provide great information on running a business in your local
community as well as facilitate networking time in order for you
to develop qualified leads from other LeTip members. You can find
out more about LeTip by visiting
or calling Cal Coast at 949-229-5932.

From Our Clients

I recently hired you to design a new web page for me. It was our
first working experience and I must admit I was a bit hesitant.
I have had many disappointments with vendors over the web and
I was concerned this might just be another one. The page is now
completed and I am delighted. Thank you so much for the fantastic
job. I am your customer for life.

Chris Kelsey, GRI

Homes in Vancouver WA

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