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Google PR & Yahoo Answers – Cal Coaster Newsletter April 2007

Cal Coast News

Cal Coast Web Design was a proud sponsor of this year’s 3rd
Annual Marian Bergeson “Tee Off For Technology” Golf
Tournament. The event is held each year by the Bergeson Elementary
School Foundation in order to generate and provide financial support
and enrichment to the school’s academic, social and individual
developmental curriculums and programs.

This year’s tournament
was held at the El Niguel Country Club on April 2 and was followed
by a cocktail reception, silent auction and dinner. All of us
at Cal Coast Web Design were extremely excited to participate
in and sponsor this worthwhile event. You can learn more about
the Bergeson Elementary School Foundation by visiting them online

SEO News

Due to the recent Google update that took place last month, optimizing
your Web pages for SEO purposes is requiring significantly more
time. This is due to Google restructuring the number of pages
allowed in the main index. Under the latest update, the number
of pages allowed in the main index is directly proportionate to
your page rank. With that in mind, each page now needs more attention
and adding content alone is not enough. Custom meta tags, calls
to action, and inbound links that point directly to your page
are now must haves in order to optimize your Web site. These additions
require 2 to 4 hours of work per page to implement. Cal Coast
has made these To Do Items a top priority and you will see this
reflected in your hour usage reports. As always, if you have any
questions or concerns, please contact us at
or 949-229-5932 for more information.

Tip of the Month

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your Web site is to
position yourself as an expert in your industry. A great way to
do this is through online question bulletin boards like Yahoo
. By visiting these types of sites and searching for
your keywords or industry specific terms, you can find hundreds
of entries that offer you a great opportunity to tout your experience.

Simply create a free account at
and respond to users questions. When responding to the questions,
be sure to paint yourself as an expert with extensive professional
knowledge. You will also want to incorporate a link to your Web
site into your response, which will drive traffic as well as create
a quality inbound link that gets indexed in Google almost immediately.
We suggest that you spend at least 15 minutes a day searching
and responding to questions on sites like Yahoo Answers. As always,
Cal Coast is available to help by calling us today at 949-229-5932.


No matter if you’re a realtor, photographer, online retailer
or what have you, making visitors to your site feel comfortable
with using your service can help turn those potential customers
into long-term clients. One of the best ways to make visitors
to your site feel comfortable is to provide testimonials or referrals
about your service or products. Chances are you have had hundreds
of clients pat you on the back in person, now we just need to
transform those accolades into words that can be posted on your
site. Simply ask your clients to email you a testimonial for your
Web site. Most people are more than happy to take a few minutes
to put something together for you. Once you have compiled your
testimonials, forward them to
for posting on your site.

And don’t forget that Cal Coast thrives on YOUR TESTIMONIALS.
We would love to hear from you and showcase your referral on our
Web site! In addition, once posted on our site, your testimonial
will be linked back to three various pages on your Web site, giving
you quality inbound links. If you would like to add a testimonial
to our site, please send us a quick email at
and let us know how you have benefited from our SEO or PR services.
We look forward to hearing from you.

From Our Clients

Cal Coast is a growing company that has truly taken customer service
to a whole new level. They take the time to listen to the needs
of their clients and understand their industries. Cal Coast has
offered the same opportunities to smaller web sites, like myself,
to expand my web presence with their SEO program, offer PayPal
functionality, and has received several compliments from my own
clients and the dean of teachers at California College of Physical
Arts, on the style/format of my web page. I’ve also experienced
the tenacity of their staff with a domain name transfer and with
Cal Coast’s help, we persevered over several months to have a
website that met my detailed demands.

Thank you Cal Coast for helping me in succeeding as a small business
with big web presence.

Sherry Weldon

Owner, Touch ‘N Go Massage,
Orange County
, CA

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