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New Video Production Services for SEO & Google-Friendly Websites

Everyone likes videos! They’re faster, easier, more convenient (and sometime even more fun) than text for many people. Customers can see you talking about your business. They can connect with just how passionate you are about your company, products, or services. Videos can help build your reputation, are simple to cross-post between multiple platforms, and help get you search traffic. 90% of the buying process starts on the internet. More and more people every day rely on websites, online advertising, and video to determine what products and services they might buy.

Because of this developing trend, Cal Coast Web Design has carefully selected video production specialist partners to bring you an expanded service to record and publish your own videos on your website and social media accounts. While we have premium packages available for the ultimate business experience, we are committed to making a video option affordable for more businesses, large or small, to be a part of the online video revolution. Make sure each person has a great experience when they do business with your company, from the very first time they learn about you, right on through the entire business relationship.

Getting Started:

  1. Visit our Video Production Business Startup Package offer page here, and review your options.
  2. Come up with what you want your video to be about. Create a script.
    If you have trouble, simply request a quote for content creation and script writing services. If you want to do it yourself and don’t know how, here’s a link to a short, simple guide about writing advertising dialogue. If you STILL don’t want to write a script, simply request a quote. We are happy to help!
  3. Practice your script before your appointment! Make sure you can say everything you want in a 2 minute segment without rushing too much.
  4. Don’t miss your appointment date.

Get a leg up on the competition and make your business as noticeable as possible! The more people remember you and your company, the more likely they are to visit you instead of others in the market. Give potential customers a face to go with the name and a personality to connect with. Google will remember you more fondly too! Their search algorithms recognize sites with multiple forms of media (Pictures, video, and text) as more worthy of a top spot in a search than ones with only one or two of those.

If you’re still wondering how effective videos can be, take a look at “Online Vs. TV: 72% Of Agencies Say Online Video Ads Are As Effective – Or More Effective – Than TV” on Marketing Land.

While you’re considering different advertising improvements for your business, you may wish to review all of the different packages and services we offer.
Once you’ve decided on exactly what you want, contact Cal Coast Web Design to get started on your project or help you customize a package.