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Meta Milkshakes – Cal Coaster February 2006

Wow, February was such a short month, we forgot to send out our newsletter! We have big news to celebrate this month – Serenity Lynn Jarvis. Most of you know our Virtual Manager, Jenn Jarvis. Scott & Jenn were blessed with Serenity on Feb 4th at 10 in the evening. We”re happy to report that mother and baby are both well, and Jenn is progressing back into her Cal Coast Virtual Manager duties. This month Cal Coaster”s going to address your website”s meta tags, and how we make them work for you.

Meta Milkshakes


Title tapioca

Dash of Description

Keyword quiche

Meta milk

1. TITLE tapioca

Use 60 characters or less of the keyword research”s sweetest terms.

Search engines almost always use the site”s TITLE tag as the link and main title of the sites listing on the search results page. They not only tell a browser what text to display in the browsers title bar (that blue box along the very top of your browser) but they are also very important for meta crawler search engines. Crawlers read the titles and use the information to find out what the site is all about. If you have a keyword in your TITLE tag that another site does not have, you have an even better chance of getting that page near the top of the engines. Less is more when it comes to TITLEs. Anything more than 60 characters are not supported in most browsers, therefore the search engines usually just ignore the rest. In addition, limit the number of “stop” words like as, if, and a. The search engines ignore them anyway.

Set tapioca aside while quiche and description are prepared

2. Dash of Description

The description meta describes your site to the search engines. It is a strong statement about the main purpose of your website. Descriptions can be used to find your website when the content is not available on your page.

With approximately 250 characters, this is another opportunity to include your keywords, however, do not to overload or add spam! This description is often found on other sites when referencing your site. You will often find this when you or WE perform link exchange for your seo placement.

3. Keyword Quiche – see recipe below form last months CalCoaster. – KEYWORD tag

Keyword Quiche


generous portion of research

cup of competition analysis

dash of demographics

pinch of product or service

liter of location


Sprinkle keyword research various ways for different patterns and a perfect presentation – start with anything that comes to mind, identifying all the obvious keywords and jargon.

Add a cup of competition analysis – visit your competitor”s site(s). What keywords are they using? Add these to your recipe, too! (NOT verbatim) Keep in mind synonyms, plural and merged words are unique keywords. Do not forget to add.

Mix in a dash of demographics and liter of location – is your product or service unique or specific to a city, county, or state? Is your product or service specific to age, sex, or prior purchases? Make sure keywords target your specific demographic, and toss into to your list.

Combine with pinch of product or service – do not forget to be specific about what it is you offer. Do you offer loans? If so, do you offer all loans? Do you specialize in cars or homes? Be specific about your product and spread these specifics on your list.

Garnish with a bit of research – use a keyword tool like, Overture”s keywords selector tool (, to help see if any of these terms are even searched for. Does your search have different results? This is what the internet surfer is typing into search engines. Does this pertain to your service?

Gather your finalized list and let marinate for up to 24 hours. Share with friends and colleagues. Ask them, “If you were looking for a site with content and services pertaining to , what keywords would you search for?”.

Once you have a completed list send to your SEO specialist to ensure your site is being optimized appropriately. Makes 1 meta keyword quiche, feeds many search spiders and consumers.

Choose only the ripest keyword phrases – the search engines really don”t appreciate many more than 15-20 on each page. Some search engines require keywords that appear in the tag to be in the web page as well. Without keywords in the page content, the search engines wont find what you need them to find…your product! Or more importantly that thing you do or sell that consumers are typing in and searching for in the search engines (remember this is not always what WE think they are searching for).

Combine equal portions of each of the above ingredients in blender, in order described. Add angle brackets (< and >) around edges. Each section is an element in HTML (the code that the search engines read to find out what your site is about).

Makes 1 portion of meta milkshake. Serves many search engine spiders and consumers. Not only do your meta tags help the search engines and visitors find out what your site is all about, they also are used by the search engines to assist them in ranking the page for different keywords.

Look for upcoming Linking Linguini with Relevance Sauce in March”s edition of CalCoaster!

Web Position Reports improve

We are happy to announce that your monthly search engine reports are being upgraded! Each SEO client will receive a new and upgraded analysis this month on your website”s rankings. The new reports are multi-faceted, and offer tabs which sort your data by keyword, search engine, or listings.

We like the display on the “keyword” tab, but now you have a choice J The summary tab tells you how many Top 10, Top 5, and Number 1 positions your website currently has. This data is helpful so you can see your progression ”At a glance”.

Should you have any questions about how to read your new reports, don”t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We”re sure you are going to enjoy the upgrade as much as we do!

Support Center Servicing

During the week of March 1st – March 7th you may experience intermittent downtime for our website. We are aware of the situation and are in progress of upgrading your support center. Don”t worry, its not going to look any different, and you are not going to have to do anything different. Most of the upgrades are behind-the-scenes for our organizational purposes. You will benefit by receiving more logical emails when a to-do list item is resolved, and we have revised the system for better readability. All hours completed during downtime will be logged during the 2nd week of March. We look forward to providing you with an even better support center soon!

Wow! What a busy month! We”re sure you”re busy too, so we”ll let you get back to it. We appreciate your business and support – thanks for being a Cal Coast client!

Thanks Cal Coaster Subscribers!


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