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Living On Video

Hello everyone! We have blogged about both videos and calls to action in the past and communicated just how important they can be to boost search engine performance. Tonight Cal Coast Web Design will discuss another ways that video can be used to make your website great.

These days many people are using video’s for no other reason than to create an additional link to their website but videos can also be used as Calls To Action too! Many calls to action are typically small animations, both Flash based and animated gifs that are designed to break up the monotony for visitors who may be perusing your website. As you can probably guess we’re going to recommend you begin using videos for Calls to Action not as an alternative but in addition to the others you may already be using. Animations and the like can become as repetitive and unnerving as text and videos offer a nice “break” in the action. In addition videos are generally very eye catching so they can be used to draw attention to something important!

Another great way to use video on your website is to create and place an intro video on your homepage. In this intro video you should take the oppertunity to inform your visitors of special areas of interest or how to find something of value. This is also an opportunity to introduce yourself to your visitors and potential clients.

If you’re interested in having videos implemented into your website please contact us so that we can assist you further!