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Success Stories – meet some Orange County SEO’d businesses

Hi all!

I’ve been up in our client’s koolaid again, and have good news to report 🙂 I would like to thank Kevin and Fausto for being my most recent case studies, and allowing me to talk about it. For those of you in the SOC Chamber, these are the clients I was highlighting in my speech today.

I know its hard for people to understand what we do to bring you success online, I barely get it 🙂 So my new thing is just telling you how we’ve been able to help other businesses. So here goes:

CASE #1 – Startup Business

Kevin teaches AutoCAD at one of our local collages, and he saw a need for a bundle of professional autoCAD icons…supposedly his students were taking hours to draw a plant or a bed into their floorplans, and it still looked bad.

Kevin thought it would be cool if he used his drawing talents to create premade autocad icons, and just sell them for about $30 a set. The most expensive item in his cart is $130. His target market was other teachers, and interior designers; a pretty specific niche. So, Kevin had us build him a website, shopping cart, research keywords, and do SEO. He went online fully around July, and his website is doing really good.

When I checked last week, Kevin’s website had 187 #1 positions in various search engines, 450 top 5 positions, and 635 top 10 positions.

This used to be all people cared about. Get me to the top, get me to the top, get me to the top!! So he’s floating nicely at the top now, that’s cool.

BUT, is he happy? Is it paying off for Kevin to be at the top? Is he actually getting people to download his little drawings? I would say so, I checked his shopping cart and as of the beginning of this month I saw in downloads an amount that far surpassed what he has paid us to do his design and SEO. Not all people are as lucky as Kevin, moving to the profit sector in the first year. But many are!! You can check out his website at – Angela did his design and our whole team helped with his SEO…good job people 🙂

CASE #2 – I’ve had a website for years…but nobody can find it

Next lets discuss a medium sized business, the Orange County Painting company who wants to expand his territory and get more paint jobs. The company was doing GREAT the last couple of years with referral business, but lately business has slowed for them. This crappy real estate market isn’t just hurting the Realtors, its hurting the painters, the plumbers and the handymen too. I actually took on this one as a comp account; I wanted to do a good deed over the holidays using my talents. Plus we’re blessed enough to be able to help, and Fausto is a good friend in my small church group 🙂

Fausto already had a website, one he did himself. It had been online here for years, but it wasn’t found in search engines. (I am sure some of you can relate to this!) Can I just say here, nicely, that I’m so proud of you guys when you make your own websites. But PLEASE don’t bother!! You’re not professional website builders, and you build them wrong unless you took classes at school, and still even then you build them wrong 🙁 Don’t waste your time, because your time IS valuable! Call a professional, a web designer who is familiar with Organic SEO!! Anyway, since this was a comp account, I didn’t have time to redesign the website, but I did go in there and make it more search engine friendly. I did that in November.

All I did was research keywords for a few hours to survey HOW people searched for painters in Orange County, then I made meta tags and implemented them on the website, and I created some content to match the meta tags, cuz search engines like that. Total bare bones basic SEO stuff.

I ran an analysis last week, and I am proud to report that Fausto has 34 #1 positions in various search engines, 79 top 5, and 115 top 10. So what, was that enough? I guess so, he told me he got a call last week, from an investor in Carlsbad who owns an investment property in OC that needed repainting. Fausto was in the right place at the right time, and THE BEST PART IS, he’ll continue to be there for others.

There’s something so important about Fausto’s account that as local OC businesses you ALL need to know. There’s NOT a lot of online searches right now for painters, and there may not be for your business category either. Had I not researched keywords for Fausto, I would not have known what city here in OC that most people search for painting in. Some cities had 0 searches for a painter, but one had over 30 in a month! Does anyone want to guess which one? BEFORE you peek at his meta tags! 🙂

Also, does anyone think they know the main keyword phrase the public types in to find painters around here? Go ahead and try to guess, I bet nobody here can guess it. This is another reason why you need keyword research. You’ll never guess how people try to find you. We offer a keyword research package which will help you find EXACTLY the people you want to do business with. You’re crazy to try to be successful in this sea of websites without doing your homework. That being said, homework sucks, so let us do it all for you!