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Blogging? 11 Ideas for Interesting Posts

You hear it from us ALL the time, but hey maybe hearing it from a Marketing Writer may help too! Here’s a guest post from Linda Coss, fellow SOC Chamber member with Plumtree Marketing. Linda’s offering some ideas on what the heck to blog about, which is such a common question in the blogosphere. I’m going to link Linda’s suggestions to an example post from various clients and friends so you can see how its done.

Blogging can be an excellent way to drive traffic to your website and build your reputation as an expert in your field. The catch, though, is that you have to keep coming up with ideas for what to blog about – day after day, week after week. Here are 11 ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Interview someone in your field. The interview can be conducted via telephone or email. Recording the interview and adding audio or video to your blog can be even more interesting.
  2. Write about an event. Attend a conference, meeting, or other relevant event and report on the interesting parts.
  3. Reflect on something. Write about something that happened to you this week, a decision you made, etc. What lead you down this path? What are the implications?
  4. Make a visual post. Post photos or video of something interesting. Explain it, include relevant links, ask questions, and so forth.
  5. Write a book or product review. Make it relevant to your blog’s topic, and include appropriate links.
  6. Make a list. Lists (such as this one!) are very popular. 10 Ways to X, Top 25 Somethings, etc.
  7. Create a how-to. A tutorial on a popular (but possibly confusing) issue in your subject area will be much appreciated.
  8. Repurpose other items. Take a look at your company’s written materials – website, brochures, documentation, memos, etc. – to see if any of it can be turned into blog posts.
  9. Invite a guest. Ask an expert in your field to write a post for your blog.
  10. Look at the pros and cons. Examine the pros and cons of an issue, possibly including links to others’ posts on the topic.
  11. Do a case study. Highlight one of your company’s successful projects.
Happy blogging everyone!