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Are Your Vendors Linking Back?

Good evening everyone. Today I’d like to take a moment to talk to everyone about what type of sites you can and should have linking back to you. Take a moment (when you can find one) and ask yourself, who’s linking back to me? Having vendors or other companies you utilize link back to your website is a great way to increase the number of quality links you have coming to your website.

A great example of this is Cal Coast Web Design client This business specializes in personal fitness and trainers and so as one would expect they make use of companies who supply them with fitness equipment. This page gives a very good example of Vendor links. As you can see they have links coming from businesses that deal in weights and even links for those wishing to become personal trainers.

So essentially you want business you do business with in some fashion linking to your website so that you can reciprocate and so that you both benefit from boosted search engine positioning. Keep in mind this also gives your visitors useful information that may help out and keep them coming back! As usual if you have any questions about vendor links please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any that you may have.