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The Z Effect

Over time the experts have found that when people view websites they view them in a “Z” pattern. That is the first thing the majority of people see when they view a website is the top left corner. From there their eyes will take them to the top right corner. After than your eyes generally cross the center of the page until you end up viewing both the bottom left and bottom right hand corners respectively.

So now you’re asking yourself…why does Cal Coast think this is important? This happens to be extremely important because it tells us and you where your main calls to action should be placed. Of course your company/website logo should always be located near the top left corner of all of your pages and linked to your homepage. Things like phone numbers, a name, email address or perhaps another logo or image should appear in the top right corner. The same type of information can also be placed in the lower portions of your pages as well. Naturally in the center of your page you want to have lots of content, a few images and bold links that stand out and take your visitors to key locations within your website.

Though this doesn’t relate directly to search engine optimization it is in many ways more important to keep people on your website once they get there. This leads to contacts and purchases. Strategically planting important information throughout your website always helps keep people interested. Should you have any questions about this or ideas for your website please feel free to communicate them here!