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Why did you exchange links with "THAT" site? Why did you submit me to "THAT" directory?

Q: Why did you exchange links with “THAT” site? Why did you submit me to “THAT” directory?

An inbound link is so important for that third component of SEO, linking! Its very much like when you are in high school If you are not so popular but start “hanging out” with the popular kid, suddenly, you become more popular with all the kids in school.

Your site is the unpopular kid (that’s why you need SEO), the sites we link to are poplar kids. Because we have a quality site (popular kid) linking to us. It tells the search engines )other kids) that you must be quality too. Linking to your site is important but linking with keywords is much more effective. Often time our company name or domain name does not reflect what our site is about. Linking with your keywords validates that is what you are about. Why else would it be on another site?

That doesn’t mean stop a link if it can’t be completed exactly like that. Links are good in themselves if they don’t require a link back and is a respectable site. So, you wonder why we link to specific sites…Cal Coast does have specific sites we have worked with for years that have proven to be substantial in helping rankings. Perhaps you see one of those. We need to spend time researching for unique links though.

We may have some general directories to submit you to but industry specific directories and sites are even better for your rankings! Sometimes when we invest time to do this but don’t come across sites that are ranked high in Google PR.

Rather than just saying, “Its no good enough,” we evaluate the site and if the content is good or relates to your industry then we add a link anyway. If the site is focusing on adding content and expanding then its only a matter of time before it does get indexed wall and have a good Google PR. Why not submit now while we are there and its easy to get in without any extra costs?

If it has not have been crawled yet, it may be soon. We have to remember that it could get indexed later. Also, who knows, maybe it gets indexed well in another large engine that you didn’t check.