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What is Nexus? Digging Deeper Into Tax Requirements

Many of our clients at Cal Coast Web Design prefer a local solution and are therefor indeed using us as their web developer and marketers in relation to proximity and availability. These local California clients who also have e-commerce stores with physical goods (not e-products and downloadable goods) and Nexus. Therefore their requirement is to charge sales tax for buyers in the state or states listed as nexus. 

Online sellers see the word “nexus” and are reminded of “sales tax nexus” that confusing jargon that has some second guessing why they even got into the entrepreneurial spirit in the first place.

What is Nexus?

Our preferred solutions for your website platform is WooCommerce which offers some free solutions for automatic tax calculations based on the Seller’s store address provided in the store settings. An excellent solution for a single location or nexus.

Real time calculations and tax preparation are available with a solution like TaxJar. This is especially helpful for stores with multiple locations and those that want sales tax reports that simplify tax prep.

Here is what TaxJar shares about Nexus Topics like:

  • What is sales tax nexus?
  • Which business activities create sales tax nexus?
  • What happens if I have sales tax nexus?