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Website & Marketing Efficiency.."Keeping Your Contacts Intact" – Cal Coaster May 2004

It’s already May! Time passes so fast, and there’s only 24 hours in a day. We all know we could use a couple more 🙂 This month’s issue of Cal Coaster is dedicated to website/marketing efficiency and making our 24 hour days get 40 hours of work done! Hopefully you have 5 minutes for that!!!

Keeping your Contacts Intact

The first thing to start with is your database, or sphere of influence. If you’re in business and do not yet have a database, its time to get started! If you’re a REALTOR, you probably use Top Producer. Other database applications are Microsoft Access, Goldmine, ACT, etc. All your website contacts should eventually be added into your database, and if you are not currently doing that you could be selling your business short. Once someone signs in, don’t just drop off the face of the earth! Your database should provide you the ability to email all of your contacts or specified groups of your contacts so you can stay in touch with your clientelle. People who have signed into your website like it when you follow up with valuable relevant information or discounts. Be sure you are emailing your sphere of influence regularly to keep them aware of your services.

Your website obviously supplements this; and in a perfect world, would automatically transfer your clients into your database. Wouldn’t that save you time? It sure would! If you’re a REALTOR and use Advanced Access or Top Producer, you’re in luck. Any Advanced Access site automatically imports your sign ins to an Intellicards address book. From there, you can import that list into your Top Producer or whatever database you use. Recently I discovered an even more efficient option with Top Producer, and I recommend for you to implement it if you have the program 🙂 Top Producer allows you to generate forms which will automatically import into your database, automatically apply action plans, and even label contact types! Just go to your Agent Setup – Lead Inquiry form section. Once you’ve created the form email Cal Coast the URL (link). I’ve been using this option for my Real Estate site for the last couple of months and have found it saves me HOURS of data entry. Hopefully it will do the same for you!

If you’re not a Top Producer user, don’t worry. Cal Coast can work with your website and database to find the best efficiency solution for you. Your website traffic & contacts are only going to grow, so be ready 🙂 Just give us a call or send an email if you don’t already have a similiar option, so we can make your website work harder for you right away!!! gets a facelift

You may’ve noticed that we have changed the Cal Coast website and are currently working on a redesign! Please excuse our dust while we strive to improve our website for you. Feel free to email us with feedback or suggestions – . Next month, we will have even more improvements to tell you about!

Thanks for your time this month. Cal Coast appreciates your business, your suggestions, and most of all, YOU!

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