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Use of Twitter To Increase Business Relationships and Opportunities

Twitter is a free social networking service, that gives users the ability to send and read other users updates, or “Tweets”, which is basically a posts of up to 140 characters in length and all text. Cal Coast Web Design is always encouraging business owners to interact with their clients and customers through blogs, social medias, etc, and this is another great way to do so!

Thanks to Donna Gunter Below are some tips that I came across in a blog found on Site-Reference, a great site dedicated to helping people with their online success.

The first tip was talking about how your product or business helps your clients and using those clients Twitter ID when referencing a project that you are working on. This gives people more specifics of what you and your business are capable of.

This leads right into the next tip…
Talk about what you’re doing in your business. Find outlets that you can link to like a podcast, or another blog. Sometimes people want to know how your business operates, what’s new in the company, current projects. Keep people in the loop with what you’re doing.

Post useful articles, blogs, websites and resources that you find. Pass your knowledge along to others. People always appreciate advice, tips and secrets and it’s a great way to build rapport and create potential business opportunities.

At the same time, don’t be afraid to ask for advice and answers yourself. There are just as many people with answers as there are with questions out there. See what other people are saying. It’s a perfect chance to broaden your horizons.

Try making things interesting when asking a question or need an opinion by using surveys to collect informations from others. Surveys can help you get specifics and statisctics, which is helpful when you’re trying to find particular demographics.

“Tweeting” or posting about what’s happening at conferences or workshops is a big trend lately. Twitter users can follow particular events, usually referred to by a name preceded by a # sign (i.e. #SES SanJose) which makes it easier for people who are interested in following those kinds of posts. For example you may be at trade show and want to update users on whats going on. You would tweet “#SES SanJose: John Doe is speaking about using social networks to increase traffic to your website or business. Time to start blogging more!”

Keep people posted on new products or upcoming events within your business. Get people in the know before something drops to ensure a better debut. You can even incorporate coupons or other perks and benefits like early-bird discounts.

Like we talked about above, giving out tips and advice is a great way to build good relationships. So responding to peoples questions is highly recommended. Maybe you have an answer, maybe you don’t. Maybe you want to add on to someone else’s question. Simply contributing is important.

Acknowledge new followers. You may notice that you have a new Twitter follower. Mention them and let others no you have a new follower. This isn’t so much to let people know how popular you are, but more to get you’re new follower familiar with other users or followers you may have. It creates other opportunities for other users. So be sure to welcome new Twitter followers.

Automate your tweets. The article mentions that tweets can be automated and connected to other things you do. Typically all that’s involved here is connecting the particular service to your Twitter account. Once all the services are connected, you get free and automated Twitter posts with no additional effort on your part. Pretty sweet!

So there are some tips and ways to utilize Twitter to help build business relationships and good rapport amongst your users and followers.