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This Domain Name Is All Yours!

In years past, more specifically the early part of this decade web developers, both the freelancer and the large company, would not only purchase your domain name for you but would register it as such way as it appeared they owned the domain name. Some did this for your benefit as very few un-savvy individuals knew anything about domain names and websites. This allowed the web designer or company to monitor and renew your domain name when needed for another year. Other developers sought to take advantage of their client’s lack of knowledge and would hold a domain name hostage if a client requested the cancellation of the providers services.

Luckily this type of thing has become far less common in more recent years and even though your web provider may register your domain name for you, domain names are now registered listing your name and company as the owner. Cal Coast Web Design follows these practices when registering domain names for its clients as do most other reputable providers. Though your provider may list themselves as a “technical contact” on the details of the registration, this does not indicate ownership, either partial or full. A technical contact lets your domain name host know that your web provider can call for help should an issue arise with your domain name.

You should also be aware that when you’re web provider, charges an extra fee to register your domain name for you they do so only because the registrar charges them a fee to register the domain name of your choice. Of course you can register it yourself however you too will charged the same fee as all registrars require such a fee. The majority of web providers register your domain name for you merely as a courtesy to you and to move the process along faster.

When you are in the process of choosing a domain name, you should keep in mind that including one of your keywords in your domain name can help search engines rank you higher which means people will find your website easier when using that keyword to search for something. If you have a keyword in mind or aren’t sure which one to use contact your SEO/Marketing firm to have them go over which keywords will work best for you.

Should you have any further questions regarding domain names, please contact us so that we might assist you further.