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Small Businesses, Why not use Google Voice to consolidate phone calls or even track calls?

Google Voice takes multiple numbers and calls them all from just 1 number you select ahead of time!

Use Google Voice as a business to track locations. If you have a number that is different for your website only, you know that someone calling that number came from your website. And its working for you!

If you want to track where online through separate profiles (like Twitter, Facebook, advertising on another site, etc.) you will need separate numbers, or possibly even a script that will dynamically change the phone number each time a user comes from a different location.

A product like Marchex can help you with this but is often times out of the small business budget starting at


Google Voice is a pretty good solution for $FREE.00

Just use your Google Account (set up with the email you check regularly, of course) to set up a Google Voice

Its simple.
Just follow the onscreen directions and fill out EVERY SINGLE tab.
Watch the videos. Listen to your first voicemail.
There will be times you can set it up to receive calls, how you want your voicemail sent, and more. Just test,

tune and improve!

If one has already been set up for you, we still encourage you to login at Google Voice with your Google account email and password and review the settings.

What You’ll See Once You’re Logged In:

Your inbox.
This is where your new voicemails will remain. You can organize them in here.
Your first voicemail is you welcome voicemail from Google Voice. Listen to it.

Under the history section you can find and file your voicemails, receive & missed calls, etc.

Your Number.
In the top right corner. Click on it.
This takes you to several tabs at the top…

You can add and change phones in here. And select certain ones to ring you at certain times. Maybe home during the day but cell phone at night? Select “Edit” to change the advanced settings for your hour windows and more.

Voicemail and Text:
Use this to call yourself to edit your greetings and other options.

More important settings. Please review.

Can be used to organize contacts if you so please.

Call Widgets:
Use to integrate into your site. But if they don’t have Google Voice, it doesn’t always work. I don’t recommend this.

Don’t use it to make calls from your computer and you wont need any credits to route the calls to your phone.

Basic Info.

Use Google Voice to customize your experience!

Contact CCWD to help you track your campaign through Google Voice.

Note: Only 1 custom Google number per Google Account allowed.*

  • Watch this video to get started…