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Search Engine Strategies – Linking – Google Search Feature – Cal Coaster July 2007

Cal Coast News

Representatives from Cal Coast Web Design are excited to be attending
the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo next month is San
Jose. This annual conference is the largest and most widely recognized
search engine marketing expo in the United States and delivers
cutting-edge information on a variety of SEO topics including
search engine advertising, optimization and marketing issues.

This year’s conference will feature top experts in the
field, along with information from representatives of the search
engines themselves. As guests at this year’s conference,
Cal Coast Web Design will be interested in learning about breakthrough
SEO techniques that can help you achieve even more powerful results.
We look forward to reporting to you new strategies for your business
in upcoming issues of the Cal Coaster.

SEO & Web News

As some of you may know, Google recently introduced a new site
search service that offers online retailers the ability to add
an easy-to-use search function to their Web site. This new search
tool allows customers to Google merchandise on a retailer’s
site and costs as little as $100 a year to implement.

In addition to the merchandises search tool, Google Inc. has
also introduced a new service called Google Customer Search Business
Edition, which allows small businesses to use Google as a site
search tool. Google says that setup of these search services is
extremely easy, taking less then 10 minutes to complete, and allows
users to turn off advertisements and customize the search box
to match their companies unique Web site.

If you are interested in adding this new Google search tool to
your Web site, please contact Cal Coast Web Design today at 949-229-5932.

Of Special Interest

While SEO marketing can help get visitors to your site, it’s
your site content that will help turn those visitors into customers.
While typed content is king for SEO purposes, there are other
types of content that can be added to your site for the sheer
purpose of informing and entertaining your site visitors.

A great way to add interactive, user-friendly content to your
Web site is through the use of dynamic videos. Walter Avillanoza,
owner of N3 Digital Video Productions, has been working with Cal Coast for many
years and creates Web videos for clients throughout Orange County.
These videos add an air of sophistication to Web sites and offer
visitors a chance to not only read about a service, but also see
how a service can benefit them through the use of videos. Whether
you’re a realtor using Web videos to offer tips about staging
a home for sale or a small-business owner using a video to demo
your products, N3 Digital Video productions can help you make
your Web site more interactive. For more information on adding
videos to your Web site, please contact Walter Avillanoza of N3
Digital Video Productions
at 949-633-0961.

Tip of the Month

If you want to increase traffic on your Web site, why not ask
your friends, family, associates, affiliates and networking partners
if you can place a link on their site to your own? By utilizing
your friends’ and family’s Web sites, you can promote
and drive traffic to your own business site. This type of link
promotion is called link exchanging and Cal Coast can add your
link to their site at no charge to them with just login information.
If you have friends, family, associates, affiliates and networking
partners that have given you permission to add your Web site link
to their site, simply email the target Web site addresses to
As always, if you have any questions, contact Cal Coast anytime
at 949-229-5932.

From Our Clients

I have been working with Cal Coast Web Design for over 4 years
now and absolutely love them. They are very knowledgeable, and
can do most anything. They are easy to get a hold of and have
given us good advice on how to rev-up our site. I would highly
recommend them!


Suzi Bussacco

Paso Robles California Real Estate

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