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Save With Simple Multi-Site Solutions

When your business gets to growing, having a well-optimized website for that location is important. Google uses a huge number of automated algorithms to check for key words, local searches, what people click and even how long they look at a web page before moving on.

Successful businesses grow, and spread out to either new locations or simply open up multiple locations. This can sometimes leave your original business website behind, both in terms of design and search desirability. Often, business owners will be so caught up with actually running their business that the logistics of managing multiple websites can fall to the wayside.

How does a business owner keep up with running multiple sites for different locations?

We suggest:

  • List all locations on a single website: This works for some businesses, but for some, it has a chance to lower the chances of a local client seeing the website.
  • Build and maintain multiple, clone websites with different location data on each: Some businesses prefer to have specific websites for each place, due to different names, logos, or other affiliated data that would otherwise confuse potential clients.

Recently, we put together a whopping 9 different websites for one company! Each one was similar in function and form, but had different contact info along with logos.

What are the benefits of using multiple cloned websites?

  1.  Cost Savings! It’s a lot less work to make a single site and change a few small details than it is to build a whole new website from scratch.
  2.  Organization! Keeping your data separate and allowing for contact info to be separate can help organize your business so that each location can manage its own.
  3.  Ease of use for clients! Separating contact details, location information, and similar details can help potential clients find what they need and quickly.

No matter if you want one website, ten copies, or ten unique websites, we’ve got your back! Give us a call or contact us today for your free quote and estimate for any SEO or web design work you need!