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Sad to See You Go- But What Happens?

Some people decide they don’t want to work with us on a Security Plan, for various reasons. We’ve designed the website, we’ve set up security and gotten all the themes and plugins to work together (Hopefully!) without any issue. But sometimes the budget doesn’t work out, or a website might be too expensive to maintain with all the perks. So what happens when you stop service with Cal Coast Web Design?

We, unfortunately, can’t work for free! As much as we love helping people with their websites, once you decide that you don’t want to work with us anymore, we can’t afford to monitor your site for updates.

These are the things that happen:

  • All site emails, notifications, updates, and error messages are sent to your admin email address.
  • All malware and firewall protection continues, but we do not monitor it. Any messages are sent to your admin email.
  • Backups and other regular automated maintenance continues, but it’s sent to your admin email address.

Your website will remain protected, in general. However, as time passes you will need to check your site periodically and update your security systems and firewall when applicable. This is because people will find vulnerabilities over time. Later patches and updates will fix many of these vulnerabilities.

Some things you may need to do:

  • Periodically check your WordPress or website dashboard for updates.
  • Apply updates and patches when available.
  • Check your admin email address on a regular basis for any important updates or information.
  • Remember to check or keep your backups regular, in case something happens to your website.

If you have any other issues or problems, or you have questions about your security package or how to cancel it, you can contact us here at any time!