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Protecting your Domain Name: Reasons for Using Privacy

Why You Should Care About Protecting Your Domain Name

Are you a new web site developer or business owner looking to register a domain? If you are, then you may not be aware of some of the privacy concerns that you should be aware of when creating a new domain name.

While you are mostly secure using a normal domain, there are a few issues you should consider when setting up a domain. There is spam prevention, guarding against identity theft, renewal spam prevention and preventing domain hijacking just to name a few.

Examples of Some of the Most Frequent Domain Name Privacy Issues

  • Spam Prevention: When you register a new domain name your email may be used to send mountains of spam mail. To prevent this choose a quality privacy protection service to prevent this extremely irritating problem.
  • Guarding Against Identity Theft: When setting a new domain name some of your information may be easily accessible to identity thieves. Choose a good security service to prevent this.
  • Domain Renewal Scams: Internet thieves can possibly obtain your mailing address information by doing a WHOIS search. With this information they can send an email that looks legitimate requesting your domain name renewal.

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