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Maximizing Your SEO Results

There are several key components that go into the success of a Cal Coast Web Design website. For new owners there’s the initial set up process and research which contributes to the overall success of your site. Once the site is live and online the process becomes much more involved.

When we begin working on the marketing of your website we prioritize things for you based on the amount of hours you’ve given us. This involves distributing the hours between the various tasks that we need to tackle on a monthly basis to ensure your site performs its best.

Generally speaking I am given anywhere from 1 hour to¬†10 hours to find other websites that are interested in linking with you, submit your website to directories to help get one way links, and to research the Internet for new directories to submit you when your current list is done. I also try to sneak in a blog or two for each of you within the time you’ve allotted us. Depending on what type of website you have and how abundant related resources are on the Internet dictate how much I am able to do for you each month.

Basically the bottom line is that increasing your max hours with Cal Coast will allow us to do much more. If you’re not seeing the results you expect or want to see you should first contact us and set up a Consultation phone call. Invitations to those are sent out once a month but you are free and always welcome to schedule one with us anytime! This call will allow us to review your web stats and determine what we are doing right and what we can change so that your site performs better. There have been a few instances where the client I’ve talked to had us doing everything right but simply didn’t give us enough time to work on their site. The more you allow us to do for your website the greater your results. Consider allotting more time to Cal Coast to help improve your results. It’s just one factor that can help define the level of success you have with your website but it’s an important one!