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Keyboard Shortcuts – You’re Welcome For Saving DAYS Of Your Life

Keyboard shortcuts are not always fun to learn; but they allow you to work MUCH faster. This will save you minutes every day and therefor days of your life!!!!!

The following tricks work with all Microsoft programs and many others out there. You’ll only be good with practice – so reference this page regularly.

  • CTRL + C will COPY highlighted text or images to your virtual clipboard
  • CTRL + X will CUT & COPY text or images to your virtual clipboard
  • CTRL + V will PASTE clipboard information to the spot your cursor is blinking
  • CTRL + N will open a NEW internet window or NEW program file to work with
  • CTRL + S will SAVE the file that you are currently working on
  • CTRL + A will select ALL text and/or images on a page or document
  • CTRL + F will open a window to FIND any word or sequence of text on the page
  • CTRL + Z will UNDO the last function you preformed
  • Tab will move your curser to the next line in an internet form
  • SHIFT + Tab will move your curser to the previous line in an internet form
  • ALT + Tab will toggle computer from one program to the next
  • F5 will REFRESH your browser window to show updated changes
  • CTRL + F will find text on a page. When we’re on the phone together, and you tell me to reference something on a website, I use CTRL + F to get there quick. Try it yourself. Let’s pick on this blog. Press CTRL + F and type in “key” – then hit enter. The page will take you right to the first word that has “key” in it! Can you see how this would help you find a keyword on a page or otherwise find something. Now get out there and start practicing your web surfing and social networking tactics like blogging and linking with your new found skill!