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Irvine SEO Case Study – Special T’s Promotional Product Success

Bravo to Brent Komorous with Special T’s a promotional company from Orange County who is getting found throughout the internet. In this last month Special T’s has generated over 60 calls from their website alone! With his phenomenal promotional product he has had no problem selling to his increase number of viewers because of his website.

Here is a quick view of were his rankings are at!

With all of the exposure Special T’s is receiving they stopped attending their Letip networking group. They have almost 30 page one rankings in search engines giving them a respectable online presence.

We met with Brent the owner of Special T’s to discuss how having a website on page 1 of major search engines increase his business.

1. What did having a website on Page 1 of search engines do for your company?
“It gave me the online presence so that people outside of a 2 mile radius of my store knew of my store and would shop with me. Before most of my customers were near by me and drove by my store everyday and that’s how I received my business. I received jobs with Oakley and professional football player Chad Ochocinco, printing logos on shirts.

2. How were you adverting before your search engine optimization campaign?
“Mostly by fliers or word of mouth but it only reached out to my local area and didn’t give me the amount of business I was looking for. Most people today rarely pick-up their print advertising left on their doorstep.”

3. Did having a SEO campaign give you more of a break from working?
” I wouldn’t say it gave me more free time because I’m constantly having to work hard and keep customers happy, but it gave me more of the client base I was looking for.”

Comparison between local print marketing and SEO.

  • Local printing ads in the money mailer or penny saver cost roughly $300/month and will only reach out to 10,000 home depending on the area
  • With an SEO campaign clients receive twice the exposure for the same price.
  • There are over 2 billions searches done on the internet each DAY! Do you think having a website on page 1 would give you the exposure needed to succeed in your industry?
  • How many people do you actually know that look through the local ads to find a service they need?

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