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How to Network on Twitter to Build Relationships that Lead to Business

Great info from social expert Amy Schmittauer on building Twitter relationships at the Social Media Success Summit!  Twitter personally fuels her Vlog and she’s been obsessed with it since 2009.  If you get nothing else from this post, at least change your mindset to think of Twitter like a cocktail party or a neighborhood BBQ gathering.  It’s an online way to group with similar and cool people who want to have a social gathering with you 🙂  So pass the pepper and let’s spice up your experience!

  • Would you like to turn a social gathering into a reliable referral source?
  • Touch up on best Twitter practices?
  • Learn why Twitter is different than others for your strategy?
  • Get techniques and tools that will turn Twitter into a lead generation source?

Good.  Read on. First, let’s look at our own profile.  Is it worth following?  Anything of value there?  Are you ‘human’?  Relevant?  Giving?  People want value so get ready to give, give, give.

Tip-OR-Tweet!!  Twitter goodies for your party bag:

  1. Share value.  Often.  Twitter is a timely platform so news is big to share here. Share for what you want to be known for. 
  2. Know your audience.  Can you tailor your tweets for them and their interests?  What quotes would they like?  Tools?  Tips?  Resources?  Advice?
  3. Incorporate multimedia.  Using the ‘twitter’ photo, not Instagram; photos and videos really pop in the feed in a good way.
  4. Listen and talk.  Keep it simple.  Just like you would at a BBQ.  Start 10 convos per day with an @ reply.  Don’t ‘mic-drop’ your information.
  5. Don’t expect conversations to come to you, you need to go and get them.  Tweet with people who are following you, or using trending topics. New followers want to see an @ reply.  Is there anyone you can help out today? (I tested this with a past client of ours recently…he TEXTED my cell within half hour of my @tweet.  Looks like I got the attention I wanted while opening the door for a more focused conversation, huh?!)
  6. Retweet others. This builds relationships and trust.  Make a list of who you want to ‘schmooze’ 🙂
  7. Set your bio up for success with a good description and image.  Be clear & clever. Consider putting a direct link to a landing page on the Twitter profile instead of just dropping them on your homepage. (
  8. Take advantage of third party platforms.  You DON’T have to be online 24/7.  Allocate time and draft social activity throughout the day so you have an active presence.  Consider scheduling your content weekly.  Link Twitter to YouTube, Instagram, and Vine videos to vary up your feed and automate processes.
  9. KNOW YOUR SOCIAL FUNNEL.  Huh?  In otherwords, know what brings you bucks.  It’s probably something like:  Original content -> Social Media -> Email Subscribe -> Leads.  Remember you don’t own any social space, so it’s important to drive your leads to YOUR preferred neighborhood.  Or they show up at someone else’s BBQ.  We keep hearing the ‘holy grail’ hotspot is your email list….. So do you have an opt-in properly placed on your website and blog?

Using Twitter’s Advanced Search Helps Find the Best Hangouts & Convos

  • search by keywords
  • locations
  • mentioning Twitter accounts
  • date range
  • questions and emotions

If you’re proactively searching to seek out your exact target market and demographic, you’ll have a large following in no time!  Then put these tweeps in your social funnel, blend, and cheers!  You’re having fun AND doing business 😉

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