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DIY SEO – for attenders of the Lake Forest Business Expo

Hi Chamber members,

If you weren’t at Lake Forest City Hall on Friday for the Business expo you totally missed out!! For those who were in the Marketing Panel, here are the directories I told you are free for most businesses, and are good exposure to submit your website to:

  1. Google directory
  2. Google maps
  3. Local Google
  4. Yahoo local
  5. Yahoo directory
  6. Dmoz
  7. Zeal
  8. Ask
  9. MSN
  10. Teoma
  11. Looksmart
  12. Lycos
  13. 5 unique B2B (business to business) industry directories that are related to YOUR business. Just use Google to find these, they are preferably local and industry specific 🙂

To submit yourself, just google the name of the directory above with the words “website submission” after it, and you should be at the right page. Make sure you have a targeted title, description, and keyword phrases on your website.

And stop wee-weeing all over yourself! I’m glad you guys got a laugh out of that. I didn’t coin the term, I think Bryan Eisenberg did. Serious though. There’s a tool to test.

If you are not the “do it yourself” type, and you are interested in any of our SEO packages, please call us at 949-229-5932.

Nice to meet all of you! I wish you much success online!!!

Angie Weeks