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CCWD Moves – Coverting Visitors Into Buyers – Cal Coaster November 2007

Cal Coast News

Cal Coast Web Design has a new home! Our SEO offices have recently
moved to a new, larger location in order to better serve our clients’
needs. Our new offices are still in Lake Forest, California, and
our increased space will allow us to offer educational SEO seminars
to those interested in learning more about the world of search
engine optimization.

While the Cal Coast offices have moved, our email addresses and
phone numbers remain the same. Please feel free to contact us
anytime at 949-229-5932 or
for more information. Any correspondence, payments or packages
may continue to be sent to Cal Coast Web Design address at the

27881 La Paz Rd. G-229,
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

However, client’s may also choose to visit us at our new office
location at:

22672 Lambert Ave #613
Lake Forest, CA 92630

SEO News

During this busy shopping season, having a website that not only
attracts visitors, but also entices them to purchase your products
or services is vital to your success. SEO marketing is not only
about helping you to achieve higher rankings with search engines,
it’s also about helping convert site visitors into customers.

Find out the tricks of the trade for getting people viewing your website to purchase a product or service from your company bychecking out the Cal Coast SES 2007 blog. Our special “ConvertingVisitors into Buyers” entry will help you understand what steps you can take to increase your business in time forthis holiday shopping season. As always, feel free to contact Cal Coast Web Design at 949-229-5932 if you need help implementing any of these great tips and tricks.

Tip of the Month

No matter who is designing, maintaining, optimizing or otherwise
handling your company’s website, one of the most important
things you should do is ask for and keep a copy of your passwords.
By keeping a file of passwords that include your domain login
info, hosting login info and FTP login info, you or any other
person you choose will be able to access your website files.

Why is this so important? Unfortunately, not all website designers
are created equally. Many Cal Coast clients often turn to us after
they receive a lack of response or poor performance from a competitive
company. Without your passwords, it’s extremely difficult
to transfer information and our designers may have to start from
scratch in many cases. So save yourself time and money, by keeping
your passwords for both your domain, hosting and ftp website access
on file!

Of Special Interest

Giving Thanks by Giving Back

This time of year brings out the best in people and it’s
a great time to begin thinking about giving back to others in
your community. An inexpensive unwrapped gift for Toys for Tots
can make a huge difference in a child’s life. Or a simple
thank you note to our troops serving abroad can help a solider
feel less alone during the holidays. No matter how you choose
to give back this year, your contribution to the community is
always appreciated.

Toys For Tots

Operation Love Boxes


More Important Info

Domain Name Price Increase..

Please note that domain prices were recently increased by ICANN.
Price increases will apply to all domain purchases, renewals and
transfers and will affect almost every company that owns a domain.
The price increase is less then one dollar for Cal Coast Web Design
hosting and domain owners however those of you hosting with other
companied may have your own changes.

From Our Clients

Here’s the Escapes-Simple Houses in Grand Settings in today’s
Escape section of NY Times. Bethany Lyttle Googles and found this
listing, she asked to include it in this weeks article in the
Escapes section of the NY Times. Another example of the results
we’re getting from your good work!

Cathy and Dale Barsness

Trophy Real Estate – Duck Creek Real Estate

Happy SEOing!