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Content Is King – Outside Marketing

Cal Coast News

Cal Coast Web Design’s Angie Weeks and Angela Collins recently attended the annual
Search Engine Strategies
conference held this week in San Jose, California. While at the conference, the Cal Coast Team learned about new, cutting-edge SEO techniques to help you maximize your SEO marketing program. They were able to capture most of what they
learned on their notes and have so kindly published this information online at the Cal
Coast Web Design Blog
. If you are at all curious about starting an SEO campaign, understanding your own a little better, or just want to have a good laugh, please visit the Search
Engine Marketing
blog for more information. We encourage your comments too! If you have something that you would like to discuss further or possible want to add to your current plan, feel free to contact us!

In other exciting Cal Coast news, Cal Coast Web Design is pleased to welcome Scott Jarvis to our team of linking experts. Scott has many years of experience in the SEO world and is a valuable
resource for our clients. Please join us in welcoming Scott to the Cal Coast family.

SEO News

While the world of search engine optimization is ever changing, there are a few things you can count on to remain fairly consistent. One of these is content! Content is king and truly is the backbone of any good SEO marketing plan. Content provides a great canvas for keywords and links and is the best way to engage visitors to your site.

Whether it’s a simple About Us page or an in-depth FAQ section, adding content to your Web site can not only help to increase your keywords, but it can also help to increase your
inbound links through blogging about your various pages. If you have content ideas for your site or would like Cal Coast to recommend content pages to help increase your search engine return rankings, please call us today at 949-229-5932.

Tip of the Month

Having a consistent message is a key part of any marketing strategy. Your consistent message is what sets you apart from competitors and helps to build your brand. Whether it be on the phone, online or in print, you can share your message with your target audience in multiple ways.

If you’re trying to reach clients in the Orange County area and are looking for a great way to brand your company or service in the print arena, be sure to check out Focus 5 magazines. Focus 5 is a new magazine for Orange County which has a fantastic twist. Advertisers currently have to choose between quality or market saturation. But Focus 5 offers quality printing to a large market so you have the best of both worlds. It offers publications in health and beauty, home improvement, weddings, kids, and food….categories thousands of households are interested
in. Prices are affordable and are a great way to advertise both your business and your Web site.

Of Special Interest

Many Cal Coast clients are spending their marketing dollars on clear, consistent messaging both online and in print. Longtime Cal Coast client Brad Coleman, an Orange County Realtor, has embraced this method whole-heartedly. From his Web site design, to his SEO marketing program to his print marketing materials, Brad’s marketing campaigns all have a consistent look, feel and message. To learn more about Brad Coleman, visit him online at
If you would like Cal Coast’s assistance to develop a consistent branding message for your company, feel free to call us anytime at 949-229-5932.

From Our Clients

I could not thank Cal Coast Web Design enough for the optimizing and continuing care of my impressive website. With such a highly involved page intact, my business closed a solid eight deals last year via the web! It’s safe to say that the numerous Internet transactions accumulated well over $4.8 million in sales. My customers are certainly pleased with how effortless the navigation is within my site, and with your SEO assistance my page has maintained high
prestige. Thank you guys so much for incorporating my print marketing into my website all the while continuing to add creative adlibs to draw in even more virtual customers. It has been a pleasure working with such a proactive and user-friendly company. You guys truly are what every business needs!

Hugh Kice

Metro Realty – Laguna Niguel Real Estate

Happy SEOing!