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Today's Web Design: responsive websites

Do you have a responsive website?  A web design that works consistently on PC’s, laptops, tablets, and smart phones?  Today’s best websites have the ability to transition among devices – flexibility and mobility are key! Cal Coast prides itself on our responsive web designs.  Plus, our websites are built to get found by search engines – which can bring you business while you sleep! Each customer gets a unique, efficient, and user-friendly website.  In addition, we’ll incorporate any theme or brand you’d like your website to have.

A website theme is important to establish recognition with consumers. Take some real time to think about what would be best for your website, and what your best clients are looking for.  Once you have a theme then its time to decide what kind of content you would like on your website.  The internet is a lot different then just having a copy of your brochure for everyone to read.

  Website visitors need to INTERACT to keep coming back to your .com address.  Consider what would be some fun ways to incorporate some interactive features to your website.  If you’re unsure, here’s a few common ways to get your user’s involved:

Blogs         Contests         Social Networks         Forums         Surveys         Games         #Hashtags         Facebook Polls         Suggestion Box         Free Drawing        Twitterfeeds        Quizzes


Once you have a good theme, content, and interactive features then you are on the right track!  You’re not done yet though…in fact…you are never really done with your website.  The last key to success is to update your website on a regular basis.  If you don’t update, then people will stop visiting your site.  The internet is everchanging, and you need to change with it to keep your clientele happy.

As our clientele, we need to design a website that makes YOU happy.  Please fill out the form to the left for a free consultation with one of our friendly staff.  We can hook you up with a great site, for a great price, in no time at all!

Website Examples

Good question! Yes, you’ll need to pay to have your website design displayed on the internet. This is called hosting. Hosting fees vary whether you need ecommerce, secured servers, big bandwidth, or lots of filespace. Hosting is typically a monthly fee, but sometimes you can get discounts if you purchase a full years worth of services. Click here for HOSTING DETAILS.
Another good question! The art of getting found and converting your visitors is much different than a simple design. Our designs will have the skeleton to get found in search engines, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be an ongoing part of your business marketing plan. We can help with all your organic SEO needs, call us today for a consultation.
Most of our websites run in the $2-$5K range, however, there are always some exceptions in either direction.  Call us at 888-281-7665 x2 with your project and budget details.