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Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Software Setup, Management, and Maintenance

Software Overview

Email campaign services provide business and website owners an affordable way to communicate effectively with their clients and visitors. Our campaigns and emails are fully featured and offer all the complex marketing automation found with other companies that often charge much more and require your team to do all the work. 

We use a custom installation of Mautic Software. Mautic is a marketing automation software that helps companies and entrepreneurs automate their repetitive marketing tasks such as lead generation, contact scoring, contact segmentation, marketing campaigns, etc. It is a feature rich self-hosted solution that provides all the tools necessary to run enterprise level marketing campaigns for a fraction of the cost that most other solutions charge for their premium features.

Service Overview

What’s Included in the Email Marketing Service?

Our company provides the complete installation, software maintenance, and management of campaigns. This can be a stand-alone service or part of a current maintenance and subscription plan.

  • Setup – We will install and setup the software on your compatible hosting.
  • Campaign Setup – We will setup 1 initial campaign to your requirements. Additional campaigns will be charged against allotted monthly time based on maintenance subscription.
  • Campaign Creation – This includes creating landing pages, segments, channels, dynamic content, forms, design emails, and automation setup. Includes incorporating all available software tools into your campaign.
  • Training – We will provide 1 hour of software training and capabilities overview.
  • Management – We will manage and add campaigns per your requirements.


What included in the monthly maintenance and management fee?
  • Includes all necessary software updates, backups, and server-side support required.
    *This work is not charged against the provided 2 hours of client requested marketing work included with plan with updates.
  • Campaign and marketing Email Creation. This part of our service sets us apart from other services as it would need to be done by the client or another expense of hiring someone to do this work. This work is included in your monthly fee.
  • Up to two hours per month is included then a discounted $75 per hour after that.

Limitations and Restrictions

  • No SPAM – All campaigns set up must be double opt-in. This requires the verification that a lead used their own email and has accepted to receive emails from you. Any campaigns set up on hosting we provide must and will include this double opt-in.
  • Limitations – We do not set a limit on the number of forms, contacts, and segments. However, sending emails requires a number of server resources. This package provides up to 6,000 emails per month and/or 200 emails per day, included at no additional charge. Up to 15,000 emails and no daily limitations is available at an additional $30 per month. Please contact us if you need more than this.

Features and Benefits Overview

Our marketing email solution is loaded with several features to serve all your needs.
    • Lead Management Mautic helps you in lead management. It means in generating leads, nurturing them, and analyzing their characteristics for targeting. Mautic uses forms to capture leads, emails to nurture them, and reports to analyze their behavior.
    • Contact Activity Tracking Mautic has a feature of activity tracking. You just need to add a tracking code in the Mautic CRM. Then, it will show you the page your users have visited. With this feature, you can understand the interest of your contacts and target them accordingly.
    • Email Marketing Perform email marketing perfectly by using Mautic. For this, you can use various predefined Mautic email templates. Also, you can create your own email templates with its email builder feature. This helps you create elegant and catchy emails in which you can add personalized content.
    • Contact Segmentation Segmentation helps you segregate your contacts based on their characteristics. Mautic lets you create segments as per your choice. These segments hold the customer data that goes in it after getting filtered by the filters provided by Mautic itself. Mautic provides 50 filters. These filters are like conditions. Add multiple conditions. If a contact fulfills these conditions, it will be added to that segment.
    • Dynamic Content Dynamic content is a prominent feature of Mautic that helps you create relevant content for your emails and landing pages. You can analyze the real-time engagement data to understand what type of content your audience needs. You can add code to your email content and personalize it. So that each contact/lead receives a perfect message.
    • Landing Pages Landing pages generate plenty of leads for businesses. With Mautic, create landing pages. With the easy drag and drop functionality, you just need to pick and place the item at a suitable place on your landing page. No arduous efforts are needed!
    • Focus Item The focus item feature lets owners decide what they should focus on by displaying a lead capturing form, an important notice, or a link to a specific page. For instance, if you want to increase the number of newsletter subscribers. In such case, you can select the option “Collect Data”. It will show all the details that you need to create a lead capturing form. Once you have created it, you can display it over your website as a bar, notification, full page, or popup.
    • Multi-channel Campaigns Mautic campaign builder is an amazing feature that lets you create campaigns for different situations to target users. You can simply do this by dragging the options to create your campaign. These campaigns elaborate on the workflow which you are going to target. So that your users can act upon it.
    • Mautic Forms There are two types of forms in Mautic- Campaign Form and Standalone Form. A campaign form can add a contact directly into a campaign whereas a standalone form can add a contact into a segment but not into a campaign. Select what type of form you want to create. Suppose if you want to capture your visitor’s data. In this case, you can create a standalone form and display it on your website with the help of the focus item feature. If you want to create a complete campaign, target, or retarget your contacts, you can create a campaign form.
    • Automation This is probably one of the most powerful features. You can completely automate and nurture your email list through the campaign builder. For example, you can capture a lead then send them a welcome email and then send a series of other emails based on their actions – all on autopilot. All this will be covered in the included 1 hour of online software training.


If the DIY plan is too much for your brain, body, schedule, or spirit, we’re here to help. Our monthly managed campaign offers you a discount on our hourly rate while supporting your email marketing needs.

For customers that are currently on a monthly or yearly “no edits” plan. It’s a minimum 1 hour.  After the first hour, time is tracked in 15 minute increments.

While project needs and marketing requirements will change for each business, service, etc., here are some average projections for consideration during your project budgeting.

  • Design and send simple email to contacts with text, images, and other content provided by client.
    Approximately 45 min
  • Set up automated campaigns.
    Approximately 30-60 min
  • Turn off or Restart Campaigns
    Approximately 15 min
  • Email Hosting Upgrade 
    Approximately 30-60 min

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