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Whoosh, Whoosh, Ding, Ding, Glug, Glug…Learn, Love! We’re baaaaack SES!

Another drive up the lovely jam packed Interstate 5. Angie & Angela decided to bring a friend this year. We wanted to maximize eh team. And get more coverage at the conference. There’s nothing quite like getting training from the best of the best right.

So we threw Chris to the wolves so to speak. Gave him the warning though. “When in doubt, yes those geeks are hung over from last night.” “What ever you do, do not say the following aloud….’Who’s (insert name of speaker or other name you hear)?’” People will stair. Oh, and “cool” is spelled “cuil” here and its definitely NOT so “cool” as Cuil thinks it is 😉

Anyway, there’s just nothing quite like the smell of manure followed by garlic so strong it clears your sinus congestion with not even a window cracked.

This year we decided to shorten the “home stretch” of a drive. We thought it best to stop for complimentary wine tasting at “Casa De Fruta.” I think it certainly helped the time pass. Ricky, our “tasting expert” had a Mississippi twang and described some of his wines as “total crap.” He was rather amusing. So much so, we nearly ttok him up on his offer to see what kind of “chemistry” projects of a drink he could make fore us at home. LOL! Oh the people you meet in cities with a population of 30!

Soon after the wine stop, we were back to more tradition by passing “Woz Way” (which we still swear doesn’t exist) and “sight seeing” downtown San Jose for a while before reaching our destination.

Now lets get this week crack-il-ackin. But first, a little bed picnic for traditions sake. Pricutto wrapped melon and peaches, cheese, salami, meats and a lil vino. Mmmmmm. Now it’s time for bed. Oh wait, first we need to put in the complimentary ear plugs so we don’t have to listen to the “whoosh whoosh ding ding” of the planes n trains. Fun. Thankfully we are still withn walking distance from the convention (just across the street at the Crown Plaza) but we do miss the Marriott. Next year we wont wait until 24 hours before to book and say yes to the 11th place we called that wasn’t booked.