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SES 2007 – SearchBash Party

Day 3:
“The Late Night Track”: Search Bash!

Not sure why Yahoo! doesn’t host some super exciting evening at Six Flags again, but really…who cares?!!!!! WebmasterRadio.FM SearchBash was that much better! Presented by WebMasterRadio.FM and, and sponsored by Bruce Clay, Inc., Network Solutions, and Epiar, the evening was full of fun.

When Angie and I first arrived, we were greeted by Sammie Davis Jr (aka – crazy guy who wanted Angs to get him in da club). Once inside there was a plethora of fruits, veggies, dip and crackers including chocolate dipped strawberries! Angie and I headed to the open bar and had a couple cocktails. We actually called it quits to come home early and be boring bloggers in bed; but not before we heard about cool prizes, seeing Marilyn Monroe, chatting with some guys from Google, and, are you ready for this?….

So a guy walks up to Angie and I and asks us what we do. We inform him that we build websites and do organic SEO for small businesses in Orange County. No sooner do we finish, does he reply with, “Oh yeah, (pointing to Angie) you LOOK organic.” WHAT!!!!!

I shouldn’t have, but I did. I asked him.

“Well then what do I look like? But don’t you dare say CPC!” Oh dear. Time to go home and blog 🙂