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SES 2007 – Google Dance!

Day 2
“The Late Night Track”: Google Dance!

Can I getta WHOOP WHOOP! Google dance was, again, so much fun. Angie and I put on some slacks and lipstick and headed over to Google Campus in San Jose for an evening of geeky gadgets, dancing dorks and tasty treats!

Check out some of the highlights…

– Free Google shirt!
– Google Tools featured with Google volunteers to help you best utilize them giving full customized demos!
– Video Games
– Karaoke with dress up trunk – plus free video!!!!! – No we did’t do it. I can not link that up for you to Ang n Angie bustin a groove to Free Your Lady Marmalade.
– Dance floor – boy can the geeks get down!
– Candy Bar
– Shakes and Root Beer Floats booth
– Pulled pork, burgers,dogs, veggie patties, veggie skewers, corn on the cob, salad, fruit salad, strawberry shortcake, veggies
– Plenty of booze! – There were kegs everywhere. Boy those geeks are freaks!

Angie and I enjoyed a glass of wine (or 2 – maybe 3) some snacks, free stuff, Google Analytics demo and then we were back off to the room to bring you this!