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Once Upon A Time There Was A Track on Storytelling

AKA – Storyteller Marketing: How The Art of Storytelling Matches With the Business of Marketing

First up, Gary Stein with ClickZ:

OK, so first may I just say that I had a hard time focusing. Gary reminds me of my Freshman year History teacher, Mr. Bornfeld. Que music again…”I got it bad, so bad, I’m hot for teacher.”I had to. Finally refocused. He IS on the panel for story telling. They all had my attention!

He began with the Nordstroms Tire Story about Customer Service.

Brand Vs. Story

  • Statement of Belief VS Chain of Events
  • Communication VS Shared
  • Managed VS Lived
  • Developed VS Experienced
  • Stakeholders VS Characters

The next time you talk to someone, start with “Once Upon A Time.” See how they immediately respond. notice ho they respond. notice how they LISTEN. We react differently to stories than sales pitches. Tell a story.

A story is simply a series of events that leads you to a conclusion to allow you to act or share.

People naturally try and keep control over what they have rather than trying to gain new assets. Contrary though, research shows people to don’t respond rationally to marketing.

The following was asked…..

There is a woman name Jill who is 31. She is a liberal arts major involved in student relations and an activist in a nuclear war protest. Which of the following is more likely or true?

  1. That Jill is a bank teller.
  2. That Jill is a bank teller who is extremely involved in her community.

75% of the room raised their hand for the latter of the 2. They longer the tail, the less the likeliness of the statement but our STORY lead us to believe differently and act upon that belief. Share your story.

This is how your consumers are talking to each other. Business is being shaped by stories being told.

5 Types of Stories To Be Told:

  1. Origin – Where do you come from? Whats your start?
  2. Vision/Purpose – Why are in this business?
  3. Vision – Where are you going? Do you have a new way of doing.seeing something? Dont sell just your product, sell it as part of your vision.
  4. Education – Can you educate someone or provide a unique valuable resource or lesson
  5. Ethics – Do you have an underdog story or a story of ethics.

Connection is so very important. Allow your users to see you. As a matter of fact, invite them to see you!

Review – Evaluate – Build – Deploy – Process

Which stories above are being told about your company?

Do you have any part in telling them?

If you don’t tell your story, someone will?

There is quite the increase stats of a “benefit” statement search. For example, “dust free living room,” “pet that doesn’t have hair,” or”shoes that don’t stink.”

Next Up…

Sally Falkow with Expansion+:

First, find your brand story – There IS one!!!!!!!!!! – Stop saying “I’m nothing special,” or “There’s nothing here.” Make your own story or people will make one for you! Then monitor your online conversion.

Story Examples:

Once You Have A Story…

  • Make it simple
  • Make it repeatable
  • Make it memorable
  • Make it spreadable

LISTEN! You must tap into the conversation…

  • Listen to employees
  • Listen to customers
  • Listen to suppliers
  • Tap into RSS & Blogs with Online Reputation Monitoring Tool to see who’s talking, who’s influencing and how to get in.

Once you decide, everything, all your marketing must be tied into that!

Amplify Your Story…

Spread Your Story…

  • to Podcasts
  • to Articles
  • to Video
  • to Blogs
  • to Other Sites

Then syndicate your story with RSS. You must be consistent!

You have to look the story, tell the story, make it what you do and live the story.

Your user should feel they’ve had an experience they want to share,. They will then do the work for you. Speaking of do the work for you, the first one to comment to the blog with “Become A Sponsor” will be entered to sponsor us next year at Search Engine Strategies where we will work in workshops on YOUR site and YOUR SITE ONLY to drive traffic, improve user experience and conversion and make you money! get our undivided attention for an entire week!

Next up…
Larry Lawfer with

Good PR is when your mom says your a good date. Engaged Marketing is when your date says your a good date. Which converts better traffic you think? LOL.

  • Engage
  • Inform
  • Retain
  • Create Community
  • Grow
  • Be real
  • Be authentic
  • Invite involvement
  • listen, respond, repeat

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what a video worth?

Was thinking about inserting video of the public transportation noise here but I cant handle any nightmares with the Ding, Ding. Instead here’s just 1000 words…

We’re off to go blog in this photo. Then a little Original Joes for some big Italian meals and a server to hell at Angie before asking her out, but only she if she pays half. Yes, that’s the second time she got asked out this week. Ricky the wine guy wasn’t alone. LOL.

I found myself dreaming about not only Gary but also my story. I want to tell my story about Purpose one day at SES. I want to be on a panel encouraging others to find their purpose and live it through their marketing! I’m going to sleep on it tonight and post about Cal Coast’s Story.

Whats your story? Post comments below!