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How To Maximize Your Website’s Message – Google’s Dancing – Cal Coaster February 2005

Hope you are doing well! This month Cal Coaster is going to focus on the most important part of your website – content. Many times information is confusing, outdated, or missing! Not only is it important to keep your content fresh – it is also essential to continually add more substance.

How to Maximize your Website’s Message

Content does not have to be lengthy or professionally written to be effective. It needs to offer solutions, a new direction, or education. There’s many ways to expand your content – consider a few of these:

Solve problems by writing a FAQ section for your website. By posting your Frequently Asked Questions you not only seed a page with tons of search terms for your site, you just might save yourself some time. Answering your client’s questions before they have to call eliminates some of your ‘tech support’ time, and it also allows your readers the ability to print something out to have for future reference. You never know, they may even pass it along to a friend complete with your contact information listed at the bottom! By the way, Cal Coast FAQ’s are located here: 🙂

Maximize your message using guest articles that educate. Another way to obtain content is to ask the professionals you do business with to write an article for your website. Consider swapping information with them – you write content for their website, and they can write for yours. At the bottom of the article just include a link back to the author’s website and a short bio or photo of the author. This is a great way to directly appeal to your target market and expand your internet presence – without paying for advertising. By the way, if you would ever like to publish an article listed on the website we are happy to trade articles or provide free content with a link back to our website. Consider putting the above sentence at the bottom of some of your articles with your website address!

Capture attention with short sentences or bullets. Offer helpful checklists or relevant reports to website users. Your insight can help! Take a moment to read your homepage content. In the spirit of today’s newsletter; here’s our content checklist for you. Ask yourself:

  • Can my users determine “The Main Idea” of my website easily?
  • Is there anything old or outdated?
  • Are relevant terms linked to corresponding pages?
  • Is there another page we can add to clarify my existing content?
  • Am I offering my clients solutions?
  • Are any of my FAQ’s left unanswered?

  1. Upon exploring these inquiries you may find some room for content addition or improvement. Please do contact us with how we can help. Remember you can add things directly to your “to do” list at

Interface Update

We’ve listened to your feedback and improved upon our support interface! You can now make edits to existing entries, and edit your monthly “maximum hours”. Your “to do” list displays hours worked as well as your current maximum hour specification. In the future, you’ll be receiving email updates from the interface when items are resolved. Feel free to continue to send requests our way – we’ll do our best to implement them for you.

Gooooooooogle’s Dancing

As you probably know, now-a-days Google is the main search engine. A “Google Dance” occurs when the search giant re-sorts its data and re-prioritizes its website listings. This can cause some websites to drastically increase in status and it can cause some websites to disappear. While the dance is still ‘in swing’, it’s important to ride with the turns. A content and link rich website usually surfaces to the top in the end. For our SEO clients – this is good news – because links and content are our main focus! We’ll keep you posted on any updates or new trends that materialize after the dance settles.

That’s our 5 minutes to keep you fresh on your website this month. We appreciate your attention and support – thanks for being a Cal Coast client!

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