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Google Dance? Where’s my pants? May I have another chance?

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Stop screaming. My head hurts. Oh Google with your screw cap wine! So much fun last night. BBQ was much better this year. Bigger & better candy store as well. Mostly, us geeks kept the lines long at the bar and the dance floor full though!

Chris, Angie and I made sure to stop by the Get Flipped photo booth for a hologram photo of the CCWD team. We will take a video and post it up here soon.

Had to get our yearly photo in the Google logo. This year we got the whole “Google” in instead of just “Goog” but it was a little dark.

Shirts were fun this year too. Glow in the Dark was the theme so the shirts certainly did that in a fun funky fresh Google way. Glow sticks, flashing rings, and so much more too!!!!

Met a few drunkards in the bathroom. Fun gals in line, but then it went down south from there as the wine was consumed. LOL.

We all do it ladies. We hang our purses over the hook. Well, Google, with its heated toilet seats and bidet, decided to put the controls for toilet setting underneath this traditional purse hook. Well, buzzed Angela ripped that sucker right off the wall on the way out. No time to fix, the line is just too long and the geeks are getting angry. Oh dear!

Time for more wine Angela. Chris n Angie needed a cig. Who did Angie decide to ask, just some random guy in the corner. I joined her an noticed a “Best of The Web” shirt. Long sleeve this time. I had to touch. So soft. Me gusta the long sleeve one. Angie n are were freezing in our room last night. He seemed to enjoy it, his shirt was soft. Got a nice little petting.

Chris turns to the gentleman next to my shirt petting friend and says “Weren’t you on one of the panels today.” I was busy feeling the shit. Decided to look up. Guess Angie’s sight is getting bad. She wasn’t sure who she asked the cig from at first until he asked….it was him. The one who started the “Never say ‘Who’s ?’ rule…..Danny Sullivan.

Angie smoked her cig and asked question in regards to SEO tools for analytics as opposed to the focus on Paid tracking tools. He mentioned SMX and some advanced conventions we may be interested in.

Quick Angela, say something smart. Ask a witty question. Damn, I got nothing. So the wine did the talking instead.

“Who wants to hear my first Danny Sullivan story.” Uh oh. I saw the dreaded look. I don’t care. I’m storytelling here folks. LOL. They were mega chill. Got a laugh or too. I was by far not nearly as wasted as 90% of the rest of the geeky bunch.

So I told the story about the time I yelled “Who’s Danny Sullivan” at SES years ago and those with me from mine and other agencies quickly dodged until their tables. Got a quick chuckle then quickly left to stop pestering him and “eat the sh*t out of my cupcake.” They enjoyed that too.

Lets go make fun of some stumblers on the way out folks.

Bus ride was fun too. Met Daniel Haneberg, my new German News SEO buddy. His friends at the Marriott had the police barge into their room yesterday. Thank God for a booked hotel. LOL!

Back at the room I attempted to start this blog and then officially couldn’t see the screen. Dropped my cupcake in my bed. Oops.

Oh dear, its all coming back to me. Damn you Google wine. Must make a “smart questions to ask cool people” list to keep on file for these drunken events!