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DIY: How To Create Facebook Fan Pages

Looking for a new way to advertise, optimize & grow your business?? Facebook is a great way to do just that.

Trust us, if you have a business then you need to have a “Fan Page” set up.

Dont believe us yet, click here to read more on why with our Optimizing Your Facebook Fans Page to Build Clientelle & Online Sales Team blog post.

Once you’re ready, swing on back over to this How To Create Facebook Fans Pages Tutorial

  1. Visit
  2. Choose Business from drop down Example: Real Estate, Advertising etc.
  3. Add in Name of Company
  4. Fill out Captcha
  5. Fill out electronic signature
  6. Click Create page
  7. Sign up for an account with Facebook or log into your current account
  8. Your main page will appear. This is where you can customize the page and you need to click around to become familiar with it
  9. Click on “Upload Picture” to the bottom left of the question mark image
  10. Browse for the photo you want to be on your main page (Good place to put your company logo)
  11. Now click on the next tab over “Basic Info”
  12. Enter your address, company phone number and hours of operation, then save
  13. Go down to discussion boards and click “edit”, then “start new topic”
  14. You have to invite people to be fans of your page, Click Add Admins and type in email addresses of people you know
  15. Writing on Your Wall, on your page you will see “What’s on Your Mind?” You can type in comments and add links from your business web site, great way to share your services with people on Facebook.
  16. Publish Page, when you view your page up top it will say Publish Page, once you do that you are live and ready to roll!

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Now that your account is set up, are you ready to start Optimizing Your Facebook Fans Page to Build Clientelle & Online Sales Team? Click HERE for our tutorial to get started!