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Ding Ding Whoosh Whoosh….time for a big day.

The good news…we got to sleep in. The better news, Google Dance (open…ahem…bar) is tonight.

We’re just getting ready to head over to the expo. Gotta go get 3 sales pitches before I can enter to win that car. Now lets go get some swag.

We did start the day off at the Expo full of free swag.

Check back for the “SES San Jose Coolest Crap Awards.”

Yay! Sage is here. Again, Kudos to web marketers at SageRock for their pins this year. “My SEO can beat up your SEO ;)” Definitely going to win an award for cool crap this year. Good to see Joe again. They really are just the coolest bunch o cats. Happy to see them grow this year!