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Articles And Your Website!

There are many ways an Internet marketing firm can generate links back to your website. Such tactics include blogging, responding on message boards, Press Releases, and an reciprocal linking campaign. There is however another means of generating links back to your website and this new method is taking many search engine optimization firms by storm.

Copywriters employed by SEO firms are now creating articles that when completed, are submitted to a variety of E-magazines for publishing. Once an author receives an approval notice the article is made available online through the E-Magazine’s website and becomes visible to search engines!

So exactly how does this process work? Well the first step is to determine which of your keywords requires a more precise focus. Once keywords in need of extra care are unidentified a Copywriter will then create an article and creative place these keywords throughout the article so that they fit in nicely with the topic of the article. Once the article is written these keywords are then linked to specific pages within your website and the article is submitted to any number of E-Magazines for approval. Again upon approval articles become readable by both the public and search engines thereby increasing your chances at having the search engines recognize these links back to your website! If your Copywriter happens to be an excellent author as well many of his/her articles will appear on “high traffic” pages within the E-Magazines upping the chances for links to be found!

Should you have any questions regarding the creation of articles, submission process, or the benefits such things please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you further!