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Angie Weeks to Host Orange County Association of Realtors Classes

All of us team members here at Cal Coast Web Design are proud to work alongside Angie Weeks, who will be helping Realtors and other affiliates of the field learn how to market themselves and their business online this year!

Not enough small business owners take advantage of classes or learn how to utilize social media and web-based platforms to expand reach and make sales! It’s all new technology, and it’s expanding and changing all the time. Don’t let yourself fall back into what you’re used to! Get out there and ahead of the competition. Angie will be hosting two classes, one including 12 Tips for Internet Marketing Success, and the other is How to Stand Out in the Social Crowd. You might be surprised about how many people you can influence on social media to do business with you.


Have you ever wondered how people manage to facilitate great relationships online? Or how they might get to meet new people without driving all over town? Learn how to create social media posts and marketing strategies that will earn you customers and business. Figure out how to maximize your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn (Or others!) to reach out to people that would otherwise never know your name! Join in on the lessons on how to use #hashtags to boost business relationships.

How to Stand Out in the Social Crowd is going to include information about how to locate and talk to prospects online, how to engage clients or get in front of a real estate agent/brokerage in order to generate more business. This includes how to manage your social media presence across multiple platforms and ways to automate systems.

12 Tips for Internet Marketing Success will be a presentation about how to set up your website and all of your marketing resources so that they work together. This includes linking your social profiles, a blog, and other tools in your business website. The second part of the presentation will be about tips and tricks about how to market yourself online and manage your reputation.

The best part? You don’t have to be a Realtor in order to join! These classes are open to anyone that registers, whether you work alone or for a brokerage, or you’re a real estate affiliate. From keeping in touch with friends, to finding new clients, to connecting with other business partners, social media can open many doors!

Lessons are free for Orange County Association of Realtors members, 25$ for non-members. Please register on the OCAR website!