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Video Marketing, Production & SEO Packages

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Being number one on Google searches is a big deal when it comes to finding and retaining customers! Google adds to your ranking score based on several factors. Having a video on your site can add a lot to your ranking. People often stay on your page longer and click through your other pages more often. We’ve explained some of the tips on how to increase traffic in our other blog posts.

Still need convincing? Here are the Video Marketing FACTS, in VIDEO…

Benefits of a Strategic Video SEO Campaign!

  • Generate Leads Calls and Sales from Google Search The number one goal for any video SEO campaign is to generate leads, calls and sales. Our Video SEO campaigns are designed to get your video ranked on page 1 of Google and drive phone calls and targeted traffic to your special offer page.
  • Build Credibility on YouTube and Generate Leads and Traffic YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Potential clients search on YouTube every day for videos that explain how to solve problems. All of our video SEO campaigns include YouTube channel optimization as well as video optimization. By optimizing your channel, your video will get more visibility on YouTube and get watched more often by very interested consumers looking for your products or services.
  • Connect with a NEW Audience on ALL Devices including MOBILE Today, consumers are searching online using their mobile devices more than ever. Videos are proven to get the attention of mobile searchers and convert them into leads and sales. Our videos are designed to explain a problem and your business as the solution.
  • Outsmart the Competition on Page 1 of Google ​What attracts more visitors than a number one ranking on Google? Statistics now prove that a video ranking on page 1 of Google even if it’s not #1 ranked attracts more clicks than the plain text search results. Therefore a page 1 ranking on Google can siphon new customers away from your top competitors ranking on page 1 of Google today. Let our team create and optimize your new lead generation video for Google!
  • Differentiate your Business and Attract More Customers ​Websites that have a business video that explains their service convert more visitors into leads than websites without video. Be a step ahead of your nearest competition with a concise video describing your advantages over the competition. Outsmart your competition using video without costing you thousands of dollars a month!

Video Marketing Pricing

Custom video marketing solutions are available.

How Do We Get YOU Ratings with a Video?

  • Keyword Analysis – We search, study, and find the best keywords for your video! These are very specialized to your business and local search traffic. This includes live testing, not just assessments.
  • Options – There are several different styles of videos that we can create! These are a ‘Character Explainer’ style video, Whiteboard style video or top 3 Tips Explainer video. Each and every video is tailored to its particular business, with a focus on driving traffic and calls.
  • Call to Action – A key to getting leads and business is a strong call to action. We’ll make a compelling description and tags for your video based on your keywords and business, customized to your local area.
  • A Compelling Thumbnail – Pictures are worth a thousand words! We will make a catchy, noticeable thumbnail for your video that will show up on Google and Youtube.
  • Tracking & Data – We’ll help track any calls you get from your video and how your company handles them. We can give viewing statistics and numbers to pinpoint what part of your marketing strategy works best.
  • Personalized Help – Over time, your video and campaign will need adjusting depending on what facets of the strategy work best. You can get an EXPERT on internet video marketing to help make the most out of your video! They’ll help monitor your traffic each step of the way to recommend the next step to take.

During this process you will have a dedicated expert explaining the process and making further recommendations to improve your video marketing campaign.

Our team of Video Marketing experts will continue to move you up on page 1 of Google and keep you there once we achieve page 1 rankings.  

Do you like generating traffic? Are you looking for ways to find new customers?

Video marketing can help draw more people to your business. The top rank on Google is a hotly contested, valuable spot to take. A video will help with mobile ranking, retention, and gathering views. Let Cal Coast Web Design help. REQUEST A FREE CONSULTATION.


Tell a story.  Create a conversion.

Video is the most effective way to show and tell people what you do. Videos are produced with a conversational style; which gives a face to your company, allowing your audience to connect with your business, while learning about your services or products!

Cross market, leverage, and automate.

Use the power of video and the internet to promote your business, even if you do not have a website! We can create a video for you for less than most professional print brochures! We can place the video on YouTube for you and then you have the option to place it on your website, your blog, and all of your social media platforms.  Or, if you don’t like the idea of YouTube, we have other options available for you.

Preview The Work

We offer solutions for video production. Whether you have an idea for a video, or are not sure where to start, we can help you get your idea into production and marketing. We can create any type of video; from a TV commercial, to a promotional video, to a training video!