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Yahoo Hosting FTP Manual: How to Access Yahoo Hosting & File Manager for Website

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 5 Tags
  • 09 Jun 2010

I don’t know why it seemed to take me light years to find this darn thing, but I figured we would post it here in case anyone else had trouble finding how to edit their Yahoo website files by accessing Yahoo Hosting FTP access.

  1. Sign in to Yahoo using the username and password established for the account.
  2. On the right under the Account Holder’s name, click on Mail.
  3. On the left, under the apple icon, click the domain name you need… link under the Mail Accounts heading.
  4. On the top right click “Manage my services.”
  5. On the left click “Web hosting control panel.”
  6. Click the “Manage” tab
  7. Click “file manager” – this takes you into the main web directory. Make sure you don’t delete anything! It’s your website! In order to upload a file, just click “upload files” on the right.
  8. If you need to upload anything to the images folder, you have to click the folder name, and THEN click upload files on the right. (And so fort for other sub directories.)

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