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Websites Missing In Action

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 2 Tags
  • 26 Nov 2008

While the Internet is indeed great we often overlook some of the problems that the Internet brings with it. For owners of a website there is nothing worse than having your website go offline for any reason. While it’s common for websites to be unavailable for a short time every now and then when a website goes missing for long periods of time its usually an indicator that something has gone wrong with the company that hosts your website.

Recently Cal Coast Web Design has seen several of it’s clients websites disappear from the Internet. Through extensive research we have found that Wild West Domains, the company we use to host all of our websites is experiencing some technical difficulties. Though we’ve had numerous phone calls with them we have yet to receive any explanation as to what may be causing our client’s sites to go offline.

Should you find that your website has gone offline you may of course contact us however as we will soon be leaving the office for the Thanksgiving holiday you will want to contact Wild West Domains directly should you have problems with the availability of your website during the holiday break. Wild West Domains can be reached with the following information.

Phone: 480-624-2500

We apologize for any inconvenience these difficulties may cause you and are working diligently with Wild West Domains to resolve this issue.