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Social Sharing: Email & Subscribe Buttons, and Sharing Widgets & Plugins

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 4 Tags
  • 29 Jul 2011

Share, Discover & Connect. Or at least allow your site visitors and potential clients to do so.

If your content is worth sharing, make it easy to do so.

Want clients, associates, site visitors, & friends to share your products, services and site pages with their contacts too?

Use a social bookmarking platform to easily allow users to share, email, or subscribe with the click of a button!

There are so many options to choose from. Just go to Google and search for any variation of “bookmarking button, sharing, widget, plugin.” Or do the same in a Plugin search in WordPress. Click and test, tune & improve!

Share This

This platform is great for sites that do not have much room or “above the scroll” real estate for another item.

This Share This sharing widget will display vertically down the side of your web page. (See screenshot.)

It also has vertical & horizontal counters (see screenshot) multi channel options, classic buttons, and more.

To get started, select “Get the Button” and follow the onscreen directions to customize.

First choose platform like HTML site, WordPress, Blogger, etc.
This will generate script & code that you must add to each page of your site or your include or template.
It is also available as a plugin or widget in WordPress.

Add to Any Sharing Platform

Use with the following platforms:

  • HTML
  • Email
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • and more!

For blog plugins, just search for plugin/widget or just generate html code and add as html widget.

It’s best to add it into an include or template part of the site so it is automatically on each page.

To get started, just visit Add to Any and click “Get the Share Button” on the homepage and then follow the onscreen direction.

You may customize it with all or select bookmarking features, order, formatting of colors, and more!

Sharaholic SexyBookmarks

This “sexy” sharing widget, or sharing plugin, “adds an attractive social bookmarking menu to mark you posts, pages, index, or any combination.

A recommended plugin for the WordPress blog & website platform.

Simply download the widget from or login to your WordPress account and select “Add New” under “Plugins” and then “Install Now.” Then “Activate Plugin” and then visit “Settings” on the dashboard and select “Sharaholic” to enable specific sharing networks.

Now hurry up and start testing, tuning & improving. Or ask us for help. We like to test this stuff. And sharing is caring!